“You could have new messages” disable – WhatsApp


each of WhatsApp uses familiar with the problem possibly .: One is in a group with very many members and accordingly there are several hundred messages per day that you fly one / two times a day, possibly expresses it and is good.

Since you do not want to get a notification every few minutes, it switches said group silence and the matter is eaten.

Recently, the opinion is WhatsApp but me an every 15 minute intervals "You could have new messages"having to send notification message.

No, WhatsApp. I could not have any, I have. I know. I have switched the mute notifications, because I wanted to NOT be informed.

Is there any possibility to issue the nonsense without the notifications WhatsApp completely disable?

And: Can anyone tell me how to run meetings where such functions are decided?
"Hey guys, you know but we have the function that you can turn individual chats dumb, right?"
"How about if we send users notifications anyway, but in general terms, along the lines of 'Maybe you've got one or more messages.'?"
"Great idea!"

But seriously: Does anyone have an idea?

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I get the stupid message even when nothing is there ...

@ M.P.R: I ... Just unnecessary.

2.99 transfer to Switzerland and you'll be fine ��
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I get this message even though I have no groups or silent chats. Really annoying.

So me this message has not yet come under. Since I am also glad drum.

I also had this message at once.
But in recent days they did not come with me.

Unfortunately have at hand no solution. Just had my phone restarted a few days ago. However, not pursued.

Moin going faster

Have the same but for me it was only since I have turned it off the whatsapp in the background news retrieves still get the message whenever a new message has just come

Here is the explanation of how these messages come about: https://www.turn-on.de/tech/ratgeber/whatsapp-meldet-du-koenntest-neue-nachrichten-haben-was-tun-262174