Mobile open advertising to unlock the lock screen

Hello everybody,

I have the problem for some time that after the unlock the device, advertising opens on my home screen. I have my phone already reset to factory settings, but unfortunately this did not succeed. Once you click on the advertisement, the Google Play Store opens. I there something wrong in the settings?

I thank all who help me, because search engines have not found solutions. :)

LG Marces

Hello Marces,

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Thank you :)

Let me see the airpush detector over it. There's the free play in the store

You've installed all the apps again after resetting the even it were before, yes?

I've also run on, did not produce any results. :(

I have some of the apps on my phone again, but not all. :)

Since the culprit will then be there.

Can only be due to an app ;)

List out all. Are also ne app for listing

Hey guys,

you had the best idea. Could have themselves come on it, but it actually is due to an app. Times have exactly the uninstalled is most likely and then it was gone.

Thanks to you all. You have helped me good and very fast! ����

LG Marces

What was it?

The app is called 'MP3 Music Download free'. You finaziert Also on advertising and if the opening is below a bar with the same advertising as it appeared on my home screen. ��

They are mostly those dubious MP3 download apps .. funny funny ;)

On such dubious apps, this is usually!

I just say it this way, this app I had time and history. ;) Logically, that it was because of this app. (Laughing)

congratulation :)
Be but please be so kind as to set dsn thread to answer if your question is clarified.
Thank you :)

Ok the app I have also on it, will delete the same time, have indeed exactly the same Problem.Schade actually I like this app:'(

Hello I had this problem too (Danger) with me, none of these apps have what works. So I'm So then views (that is now at the old 4.0 samsung devices) went to this task manager on this cpu Ram (memory) circuit and have at my Installed apps an app with 8mb without names. I have this then tried to uninstall .... but of course was the app gerätadminstartor.Rechte Abstracted and uninstalled, cell phone then shut down restart and you're done!: D all gone mobile rescued days saved : D Hope it helps you and the others.
MfG Till Dw.(fishing rod)

Thanks also for me it was the mp3 player to it at the time for 10 cents, there was genuine at this app factories end thanks I get a no advertising! ☺

Thank you, had that same problem: / am going to uninstall the same time the app. ..