Huawei P9 lite – After restart fingerprint and pin needed

Have since Monday a Huawei P9 Lite plus I use the fingerprint sensor for einschalten.Nun I mussste for the first time the phone restart the pin enter and come not to use mobile phones despite the correct Pin I must also use the fingerprint as the exact order. Gruss Susanne in business could not weiterhelfen.Schönes mess when their own cell phones do not know me.

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In my S6 I have to first enter the four-digit PIN on the SIM card and the security password, which you must specify when fingerprint after a restart ...

The fingerprint is only one alternative to the device PIN, never absolutely necessary to unlock. Depending on your settings, it may be that you need to enter two different PINs and have used the wrong: If the SIM card lock is active (which is usually the case), the device asks first for the PIN of the SIM card, then for the PIN of the device (if you have this locking method enabled).