Full HD vs. Quad HD: These are the differences between 1080p and 2K

The first smartphones with 2K displays are on the market. The LG G3 has built one of the super-sharp display with qHD resolution, the Oppo Find 7 comes as crisp, sharp therefore. But what brings the high resolution on a smartphone display ever? Our comparison shows the display of the LG G2 in comparison with the G3, also the screen 7a of the Oppo Find 7 in comparison with the Find.

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fullhd 2k find7a FIND7 3Full HD (left) and Quad HD (right): The difference is clearly visible only in Makromodusbei at close viewing. / © AndroidPIT

Gives such a high resolution really make sense? When the first reports of the new, super high resolution standard circulated, to face quite a few, the question whether a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels on a small smartphone display just makes sense or has wasted resources. Meanwhile, the first 2K smartphone on the market, and we can make direct, practical comparisons.

Incidentally, all the pictures of our comparison you will find resolution in Google+.

LG G2 vs. G3: Full HD 5.2 inch vs. Quad HD 5.5 inch

First we have the LG G2 compared to the LG G3 - G3 has not only sharper, but also the slightly larger screen (5.5 inches, the G2 has 5.2 inches). The objective noticeable difference between the resolution of both devices should therefore still somewhat lower than it already has, failed because the G3 more pixels must also fill more space. but our comparison shows: If you look closely at the higher sharpness G3 can be seen if the becomes clear only by macro shots. For normal viewing distance, however hardly any difference can be discerned. Symbols and writings are on the G3 slightly larger, lines and letters by acting narrower and slimmer. But this is only a subjective perception and almost meaningless in everyday life.

fullhd 2k g2 g3 6The LG G3 left and the G2 right: If you see a difference? / © AndroidPITfullhd 2k g2 g3 2Only on closer inspection that exceeds the capabilities of our eyes, you can see: The G2 (below) has the coarser resolution. / © AndroidPITfullhd 2k g2 g3 3In this recording from the AndroidPIT app is to see how the different system fonts affect the appearance - right, the G3, left the G2. / © AndroidPITfullhd 2k g2 g3 5A superhuman closer look shows also clearly the differences between G2 (top) and G3 (below). / © AndroidPIT

Oppo Find 7a vs. Find 7: Full HD vs. Quad HD 5.5 inch

The two models of the Oppo Find 7 comparability is even more likely given: The Find 7a is almost the same model, but has taken the 2K displays only a full HD resolution. In a direct visual comparison does not fall to the sharper resolution - first becomes apparent that the display of the Find 7 is generally warmer and a little brighter. The different representation of focus is recognizable only in macro mode.

fullhd 2k find7a FIND7 6Left the Oppo Find 7a, right the Find 7: The right display is better - but it is also sharper? Yes, it is, even if you do not see it that way. / © AndroidPITfullhd 2k find7a FIND7 1The larger grain size has on closer inspection, however, the Find 7a (above). / © AndroidPITfullhd 2k find7a FIND7 2There is then really clear: Above the Find 7a, below the Find 7 / © AndroidPITfullhd 2k find7a FIND7 4These close-up of the camera icons shows the small but in literally differences between the Find 7a (left) and the Find 7 / © AndroidPIT

When yields 2K or Quad HD sense?

This question is so open as before for our comparison, a difference is visible with technical support there, everything else would be surprising. For normal viewing distance but that does not apply - at most very sharp photographs, but again, we could see no really significantly better representation in the visual test. Progress objectors would say 2K is unnecessary that nobody needs. History has taught us but time and again that they quickly fall behind with this attitude, especially in the technology sector. Therefore we say more cautious: 2K, the future will belong to - even if we do not currently see the sense really.

How do you see it? Shares your opinion with us in the comments!