Samsung Galaxy S5 – Mobile network not available // S 5

Good Morning,

now my problem ..... I can not make calls. The device displays mobile network not available.

WLAN goes and can connect to the internet.

Flat contract is available
Provider called the say everything I.O.

What now ?

Gr. Michael

kanns be that you put funk hole in one? :)

You can save you the mail ..... please substantiated feedback.

I think you have the phone rebooted ever ... What about well-known in the same network look like? Have the reception? Or even plug purely a different SIM card. If there is still no power is available something wrong with your phone.

Michael Kaufmann

You can save you the mail ..... please substantiated feedback.

Before you people stupid anmachst here to deliver it out more information if you ever expect free help ...

suddenly is no longer there? Was it previously before? Did you mobile network and can make calls / send and receive SMS?

turned off the Händy .....'ve switched to another card inserted but it is not. The device displays full reception but a small cross can be seen in the rash. Somewhere in the settings must be something inactive.

That was an answer to my demand.

in your style dirauch werfeich times a chunk out: APN Settings

stay calm ..... not made to someone stupid. to send a check with Atwort dead spot is a bit poor.
Here we have a great forum and there should be some checks already been done before.
Therefore my emontionslose feedback .... please make informed feedback.

OK ..... need totzdem by the professionals help

Hello Thraciel,

can not make calls and send SMS ...... WiFi or Internet, I'm coming in.

OK APN ...... where can I find the settings and applications ......?

Does the Sim in another device?

Ever out and back in? but he would actually show no network?

Airplane mode?

card I inserted in my second S 5 ..... everything goes.

Flight mode is off.

Top left of the Händy I have full travel a little red Kzreus can be seen right next to it.

attitude > mobile networks>APN (or Access Point Names) as to ensure that it contains the same, whatever your provider recommends.

so therefore, my provider is displayed. Everything is right....... :-(

how long you have to the phone?

I have had the same problem when I tried my M8 with Vodafone branding and Congstar card. For me Congstar had an SMS to configure zugesandt.Schau times with your provider on the Internet and let the send the settings via SMS.

Michael Kaufmann, the problem has been solved?

Have the same problem !!

Can not make phone calls, send texts or received.
Reception is indicated, however, always mobile network does not come available / No network

APN settings with Vodafone services tried everything. Cards from two pals tried. Reset to factory settings and hard reset.
All without success ...

Have from time to time the problem. For me then helps to restart the device.

have the increasingly disappears the data network with me the problem. am at Vodafone. have let me not comfortable ne new sim card to come, but the phone resets the problem still occurs again. have morning times set from compounds that my phone is no longer to dial into lte network and be the remains, the mobile data network. But now my question is all the shit only to Vodafone or if my s5 on the antenna or so ne Macke? as I said the problem only occurs when I set back from compounds that should dial it in lte network.

Not only because of Vodafone, have now Sim cards from various vendors tested, different APN settings.

With me is absolutely made garkein more power, not just now and now, it helps not restart, flight mode on / off, etc ...
I think the S5 is probably quite sensitive in terms of the power module, I sent it now. I hope it can be repaired.

Well that does not sound so now so great about. can indeed be if you did it again, what it was because mal en update.

Hey has the problem after you've posted it can be solved or do you still have problems? Have a similar problem since short.
If I turn off my phone and then anschalte again is because Vodafone network not available with NEM warning signs for a short time and then when I turn on my wifi I have often the problem is not my e.g Messages get through.
Have the card gelgt in a cell phone after I send me a new sim and everything you could still do so to zuwissen what it is.
The joined me after I made an operating software update.
set to LTE is almost nothing.