Samsung Galaxy S5 – “Surface paused” message when you start to do what?

Hey guys,
Today I wanted with my rooted Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F which recovery look I have on it. When I saw that I had the normal I also expressed reboot system now. was restarted when my cell phone came the message "Surface stopped", I started on the phone a couple of times again, but unfortunately without success.
My question would only knew her as I can make it back to normal, the this message is not coming and I have a surface again?

Thanks in advance
MfG krujji

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Hmm so do not understand what you've done exactly, but I would maybe try the device time to wipen, clear the data then are gone.

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Knew how you all so shut the entire device to the PC so copied backup?
And I just turn off the unit loudness loud button + home button + power button clicked on after reboot now and then it was suddenly

Well, so if the device will not boot, it's hard to back them up ... Why this is gekonmen, I can not answer you so off the cuff. I assume that you have a StockRom it and they've just rooted, right?

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Unfortunately, so I do not know me soo good but know I only rooted and the device starts up, only I can not install apps since then a message comes my "package accsess helper stopped"

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Oh, so it starts up, okay the better. Now I would on the PC transferred your data to that then gets to the factory settings to put back. And this can also in the settings.

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OK thanks for the help :)

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for thy Prolem has now been resolved? I have exactly the same prolem. How can I solve it?
Greeting Boris

So I had then what I found important to PC made a factory reset and then made a Custom Recovery on it made and the CyanogenMod draufgemacht since I did not have the message more

Hmm That sounds a bit strange.
Well I'm going to read me once in Factory reset Costum recovery and the CyanogenMod. My S5 is rooted. Knox stands to 0x1 does not bother me now. in four months, there is always a new phone. But I would have really like that the part will work again.
Greeting Boris