After Root: Custom binary blocked by FRP lock

Dear experts

I have rooted my Galaxy S7 EDGE two days ago and previously read a couple Anteilungen it. In almost all instructions that you stood in the Developer Options OEM before rooten should enable what I did. The rooting itself was done in two minutes. But niergendwo was that OEM must be activated after rooting. If I want to turn my phone always get the message "Custom binary blocked by FRP lock", The same comes when I want to invite only my cell phone, which it then NOT doing. to root Attempts on Odin again bring nothing (this .tar5 file in AP). Can anyone help as I again get the thing up and running me. I have the phone only since May. Have it now with gravel and 3 smartSWITCH tried and tried to flash a firmware update the stick ROM. But apparently the two programs are not compatible with my phone. So slowly I'm at the end of my wits .... :? (Thinking)

Hoping for quick help

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Hello Diana,

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To your question:
I think the most sensible to flash a stick-Rom by Odin.

Hi Andy,

thanks for the tip and moving my threads to the right place. Can you give me perhaps say as the stock ROM flash with Odin work?

Greetings Diana

Hello Diana,

I think this thread of our Klaus is there very helpful

Many Thanks. I'll try it guess tomorrow and give aanschließend feedback.

Grüßle Diana

Hello Diana,
let OEM unlock at root always enabled!
Even after the root! ;)

she has yet written!

MT Bernsteiner

she has yet written!

She wrote that she did not know it and nowhere where what was described.

I'll try my luck tomorrow and hope that it works out. I will then give you feedback. As I have already written was nowhere that OEM ACCORDING must remain activated the rooting. Had I known what a fight is I never rooted. It's just annoying especially since it is a very new smartphone yes and I can not use it at the moment

Flash King

MT Bernsteiner

she has yet written!

She wrote that she did not know it and nowhere where what was described.

that has written them, then what you repeat what what she writes?

I think you write past each other ....

Diana Becker

But niergendwo was that OEM must be activated after rooting.

But this implies already that she has turned it again!

it also has what she describes "which was nowhere that must remain at" ...

Hello, help,
Today I restarted my S7 and got the following message:
"Custom binary blocked by FRP Lock"
How can I start the S7 again without losing my data?
LG Helmut

What have you done before or installed?

The device is rooted but ran since normally. Last night I drove it down and now wanted to reboot - then came the message :'( now that's smartphone in Odin mode with downloading but for quite some time without what happens. What is the condition of the battery is now I do not know because I get no display and apparently can not invite. Help - I do not know anymore ... my phone no longer goes' down .. please help me !!!! Thank you Petra

Press and hold: volume up, volume, home button and on / off button.

The S7 should then perform a restart.

Did you before that happened in the developer options especially for the OEM settings what changed?

no, not the same. From the download, I'm out there, but more is not possible. I apparently can not even load the s7 .... never mind that the red message disappears ....

Hello Helmut,
I have your thread once attached to a thread with matching subject and moved him into the Riot subcategory.

Probably the only way that you have left is the floor (so orignal software) to flash using Odin.

If that does not work through the floor recovery, then you need a custom recovery like TWRP e.g. flash and then the floor again firmware for flashing.

but try again until now the normal way a stock firmware to flash with Odin before you have a custom recovery going.

Hello dear community ... At Samsung, it's relatively easy to restore a blocked by the FRP equipment. Since the lock all recovery and "Neuflash"Methods prevents (indeed re-uploading the STOCKs by Odin will not work because the hidden.img the system cache can not be written) is a small tool called Samsung Smart Switch (please google then, as this stupid forum as me "newcomer" the set of links forbids) the only and easiest solution. Basically, this tool also does nothing but Odin, but with the difference that it overrides the FRP value. However, there go west all the data when using these disaster recovery. It is important that you have on hand for securing the right balance model number of your phones and the serial number. Both stands on a sticker located under the battery (if replaceable) or is embossed in Winzilingsschrift on the rear side.