So you avoid trouble with pocket calls

The smartphone is silent and innocent in the trouser or jacket pocket. And then it happens: A small nudge on the screen and the device on the phone going on - without that one suspects it. Who has not heard of such a pocket calls? So you do not drives your phone bill and your adrenalin with inadvertent calls in the air, we show you here what you can do your other hand.

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Smart phone message: ". Not enough memory available" Do you know that even 50503568 participants?

At least since the terms "butt-dial" were added (to German rear-phone calls) and Pocket Dial, so pocket call, in the Oxford Dictionary, Pocket calls should be known to everyone. These terms describe exactly to the above problem: The smartphone in your pocket selects merrily to himself and starts phone calls without having to get wind of it. This is often caused by the fact that the user, the device pushes a completed call just back in his pocket and the touch screen is still unlocked.

Pocket phone calls could degenerate into an expensive and embarrassing fun, especially when costly telephone services to call. Often they consist of repeating digits as 222222 (ADAC breakdown service) or 77,777th These numbers are easy to type with the ass, as to the same place must be pressed on the touch screen repeatedly only. Thus, in such calls, the danger that one drives the bill quickly into the air. Especially when really expensive hotlines to call.

butt dial imageAttention: Behind phone numbers by repeating digit expensive hotlines can get stuck. / © AndroidPIT

Also, emergency calls are easily selected on the unlocked smartphone, especially you do not even unlock the screen to access because of the emergency call function. In the US Butt Dials seem to burden the PSAP extreme, as in San Francisco. There, employees of call centers often have to contend with false calls. According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, one in five emergency in San Francisco is accidentally made by pocket phone calls.

but there were also cases in which people have lost their jobs because of erroneous Butt-Dials. Negligent drug dealer could also be caught only because this call mess and even friendships broke it already in two. The list of negative consequences is long. Therefore it is worth with little effort to lock the phone and more secure. How to do that, we'll show you now!

butt dial google play storePractical: The Google Play store various developers offer to your call confirmations. Thus, a call must be confirmed first before it is put through. / © AndroidPIT

So your pocket prevents calls

Use Cases: A phone case, which also covers the display can work wonders and prevent unwanted touch screen input.

Lock screen: You always should make sure that you lock the screen after using the smartphone with the power button, the device or display. Because with inactive touch the probability is much lower that you call when moving with the butt of people. So you do not always have to lend a hand, also setting an automatic screen lock worthwhile. In the settings of your Android smartphones you can find an appropriate function in any case.

Complex Entsperrfunktionen: you need only your smartphone display swipe to unlock the device, you should use a more complex unlock function. For as you, prevents accidental pressure on the touch screen immediately unlocks the display. Instead of a simple slider should your a wiping pattern knock code, password or PIN use. The more complex the unlock function, the more secure the smartphone is in the pocket.

Apps against Butt Dials: The Google Play Store, there are a wide range of applications that require a confirmation before the election of phone numbers. To be safest you double down, because your butt would again confirm the whole process when unlocked smartphone and called number.

Arrange shortcuts: Who uses call shortcuts on the Home screen, should not let this may be on the first or second page, but prefer to classify them further back. The shortcuts are in fact more easily selectable as the dialer itself, and that could get your expensive feel in some contracts.