Why does Google Play Games announces when it is disabled?


So Google Play Games just annoying. I had it now ne while at but each time a new game ... that just annoying. So I wanted to disable it again. Only it does not work. Have the updates uninstalled, notifications disabled, deleted data and then disable the app. Why I still get that stupid window every time I (in the case of this game) open the app?

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Does it work if you go to register?


that's a shortcut to the G + account and has nothing to do with the Google Play game.

You connect there with your G + account and this has no context to play games (except Google)

I have not tried to sign me. Before this window opens does this square that loads as long with the Play Games logo? That's what annoys me. Why should I sign up with the normal Google Plus NEM game?

because Google wants to combine all the data on one account with Google+.

And you can turn off this somehow? Just a few new games installed and each time should I register. I still do not understand when the Play Games is not why is there then the green controller and it is Google Play Games under it?

Now I also g + disabled, the impact on this backup is that google because apparently makes more times?

Because this message is not coming from the Google Play Games app, but from the Google Play services. This I would not disable your place.
but do you register not only to Google+, it begins with Google Play Games. The game is therefore linked to your Google account.

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Thank you. What about the backup? I now Play Games and G + disabled. The message is from.

I have all of the services disabled, but if you use the Play gates, he makes all the other services, such as Google Book and kiosk on with.
I have created a collection folder where all of Google's scrap comes in, so as not to deface my display.
Google want you to have all or nothing. Alternatives are a yes open if you will, with Windows Phone, Apple or Blackberry.
The display he wants to make updates, do not bother me for a long time. Seeking out of the list only those which I really want to have up-too-date.
So .... Here you can do about anything. Unless one can with root right to change, but I'm not familiar with.
LG Holger

You can view the apps without root rights uninstall or disable. Uninstall will not happen if they are installed as system apps (without root)

I say yes :O

If you have the disabled, they are still not enabled when you are using PlayStore