Incorrect instructions for rooting for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini taken, help!

Hi, I hope you can help me also.

For me, the same problem occurs as in MaxPE I tried also with Odin3 and with the associated galaxy s4 file to root my galaxy s4 mini.
However, I'm not from the error message: Set Warranty bit: recovery
in download mode.
Can someone help me there

@Bennet: But battery out and back in, and then into the download mode boats You've certainly tried, right?

yes I've tried to help but not because right after that again this error message appears when on again.

My s4 mini is so either turned off or suspended in this continuous loop with the error message. but between the back and forth it vibrates yet.

The battery should be used only after approx. 5 minutes.

and then start normally, or go directly to the download mode?

Directly download