Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – Turn Voice Assis state, but how?


I just on my Samsung Galaxy S& Edge Voice Assisstant (not S Voice !!) enabled. Now my phone tells me which application button / gedürckt have. But now I no longer combing in the settings to disable it! I come into any application!

Can someone help me? Help urgent notwending!

Hello Luca Henn!

I've moved your thread times one floor up. ;)

Possibly. do you TalkBack?

menu > settings > input Help > Deinste > TalkBack. turn off the talkback feature on the Samsung Galaxy S6 double tap of the controller. OK.

"Control of the Samsung Galaxy S6 with talkback function:
A button needs to be tapped always twice in quick succession to open an app or an item you can through the menus or scrolling web pages by putting two fingers on the display and perform the typical scroll movement.
Both fingers must be on display. To switch between the home screens or scroll through the menu, you must also touch the screen with two fingers and swipe right or left."