Technical problems Samsung Galaxy S3 Cyanogen Mod

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I was looking a little on the internet where I could explain my problem and came across AndroidPIT. I hope that I post this thread in the right spot, otherwise I would be delighted if you could forward me to a more appropriate site.

I have a number of technical problems with my S3.
Advance some technical information on my smartphone, which should be useful for an analysis hopefully:

Device Model:
Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300)

Current Mod:
CyanogenMod 6.0.1 Marshmallow

CyanogenMod version:

New battery (about 1-2 years old)
LI-ION Battery (Voltage: 3.8V, Capacity: 4400mAh, Watt-hour: 16.72Wh) of ANCHOR ®

Memory card:
San Disk 64GB

Meanwhile, the external SD card has been formatted for internal memory card to specify any apps, photos, music, etc. as a destination external memory card. (Formatting on the native function of the formatting)

The following issues have emerged; after 2 weeks after placing the CustomRom:

After starting the phone:
relatively long start time (about 2 minutes)

After entering the SIM PIN password the following error message appears:
"process "system" does not react. Would you like to stop it?"
Whether you with "Yes" or with "waiting" confirmed, the result is the same.

At first app-related high overheating with the consequence of sudden restart of the phone.

Often the phone and crosshatched "reassured" again after a few minutes.

** WiFi problems
Home always work the first WiFi. It automatically turned off when you leave the tub. If you wanted to use the WLAN again, you had to turn it on again.

After some time, however, the WiFi was longer.
You had to restart the phone several times to turn on the WLAN.
Now, the WLAN can not even turn on. I can no longer use by the WLAN.

What about my phone? What can I do? Where else can I find help?

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look in Unterforum root of S3

Hi Erwin!

Should I move my thread in the proposed sub-forum or do you have a concrete link / reference in the sub-forum, where could I describe my problem?


try it with a newer version CM and gapps,
make a clean flash,
do not forget to back up your data first

I would still one more step to go back to firmware, for a clean base. Check if the current bugs there too / not occur.

Hello Apo,

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I've moved your thread times in the right to your device root Unterforum ;)

Thanks Admin Andy!


Did you also install a custom kernel?


So if I have understood the Place of ROM correct, yes ... custom rom exists. My phone worked flawlessly even after rooting and placing the cyanogen-Rom. Everything was fine in itself. After some time and a few small changes (see above) followed the problems only.

Vg Apo

No one has an idea? I thought that perhaps the WiFi adapter might have come to harm because the phone has very overheated. but that's only a guess !?

Does it make sense to return to the firmware or is there an alternative ROM, which is recommended for the S3?


I'd cm reflash 13, as I wrote

Apo, hard as it is not: INSTALLING the firmware. If so WiFi is not ok, the hardware is defective. If WiFi is ok, you have both a clean basis for CustomROM that you like. You can find for example here.