Deleted Data in Android

The situation probably know the most: It deletes several photos from his smartphone and seconds later you realize that you have deleted the wrong photo. Before you strike together in such a case hands over your head, do not worry: you can picture on your Android device to restore. The important thing is that you remain calm and act early.

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First of all, you should disable the wireless LAN and data connection of your device. Because if you delete files (music, photos, videos, etc.), they are not actually removed until this area is overwritten in the device memory of other data. That is why it is so important to act early.

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Data Recovery the hard way with Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone costs money rootet your smartphone, thus making your warranty for the device to naught. So it starts when you have besides the data stored on the smartphone data to your smartphone nothing to lose. Deleted contacts, pictures, text messages and WhatsApp messages can be backed up with a high success rate, even if your display is already broken and the phone can no longer be operated.

dr fone 2Dr. Fone cost a penny, worth swich but. / © Wondershare

The software costs in the full version just under 50 euros, but may be worth it if the data to be saved are you more valuable and your loss would you come to be more expensive.

recover deleted images without root

A simple, good app to make deleted delete individual images reversed Disk Digger. Without root user-directories to be traversed. With root authority also actually inaccessible areas for you to search. But this is not an urgent need to restore photos quickly.

disk diggerRecovers deleted photos restore; without root. / © AndroidPIT

DiskDigger is free and without advertising. We tested the app on Android 7.0 nougat. The downside of the app that they can not write to the SD card backup. So you need absolutely free storage in the cloud or on an FTP server.

DiskDigger Photo RescueInstall on Google Play

save deleted photos on the SD card

If your photos are on the SD card, you're lucky. An SD card can be much easier to investigate deleted images as the internal memory of your smartphone. So can extract the card from the smartphone and connects them with your computer.

SanDisk rescuepro undelete imagesHere you will find the deleted images. / © AndroidPIT

Sandisk and Lexar put on some SD card models activation codes for data recovery software. In Sandisk it is the Extreme and Extreme-PRO models (not Extreme PLUS), which are equipped with a code for RescuePRO. Lexar SD cards Professional Series will receive a code for Image Rescue.

lexar image rescueSuch scanning process takes about one minute per gigabyte. / © AndroidPIT

recover deleted SMS on Android

For the restoration of your SMS also can Dr. use Fone. The steps are the same as for restoring deleted photos, see above.

secure text messages permanently

To restore SMS even on new devices, sustainable, continuous backup solution is the only viable option. A simple solution is available as an ad-supported app and it is called SMS Backup & Restore.

SMS backup & RestoreInstall on Google Play
  • Typed when you first open the app assurance, to see the menu.
AndroidPIT sms backupThe decor is quick and easy. / © AndroidPIT
  • Selects here who want secure your SMS - You can also save all SMS at once.
AndroidPIT sms backup 2You can save messages and phone calls. / © AndroidPIT
  • After that you can choose where you would like to store the copies. This is possible save to Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • With SMS Backup & Restore way, there is a whole range of useful additional options. So you can, for example, set schedules, which are automatically backed up your SMS.
AndroidPIT sms backup 5Your SMS can be saved automatically. / © AndroidPIT
  • To restore backed SMS, your typing on the home screen of the app, click Restore.
  • then simply choose here the content that you want to restore, and press Restore. Even the data back.

restore Notifications

Is it you happened to you that you have premature wiped out a notification and you then asked what do you have there just missed? For such cases, there is a little trick that Google has anchored quite deeply into Android.

now launcher notification widgetAnd she was gone ... You can see accidentally deleted notifications later. / © AndroidPIT

First of all: He unfortunately only works on devices running stock Android, or the Google Now Launcher. Is your one of the lucky, performs a long press on the screen and tap on the button widget. There you look for the widget settings link and pulls it to the home screen. Next, you have to it with an activity linked more specifically to the menu item notification log in stock Android, or Launcher in Google Now notifications.

now launcher settings widgetYou can skip to the notification protocol directly. / © AndroidPIT

Now the settings widget is on your home screen, then on your shortcut to a practical overview of past notifications. So you missed anything.

Google Now LauncherInstall on Google Play

Dumpster: The Trash App

deleted photo album and looked back quickly? Dumpster brings the popular from Windows Recycle Bin on Android, making deletions reversible. The app is an integral component of Android. Except for media files supported Dumpster documents and archives of all kinds, making it therefore more versatile than DiskDigger.

dumpster 1Dumpster is like a trash for Android. You can retrieve deleted files. / © AndroidPIT

Who cleans up now and directories and want to free up space, which it can happen to me, that it deletes a file too much. Unfortunately Android is relatively rigorously, for that matter, and you have very lucky a few seconds to on "Undone" to type before the file is deleted forever.

dumpster 2With Dumpsters paid cloud option of trash storage is infinite. / © AndroidPIT

The functionality of Dumpster embeds itself deep into the Android system. All deletions of supported file formats in future intercepted by the app and with a "1 moved to trash" acknowledged. This can be viewed at any time and restore bit by bit or in whole or permanently empty. The elements can also automatically be removed after a certain period you.

Dumpster can be equipped with root privileges in order to improve its performance, but the app also works without root. In addition, you can invest 2.99 euros and remove banners and unlock additional features via in-app purchase.

Dumpster TrashInstall on Google Play