Pocket: The perfect offline reader – Android Apps in the test

Have you found an interesting recipe and want the shopping list for later store? You have a good article on the net on the screen, but just not to read time? Then Pocket is an application that you kept all these treasures for later. As you can read comfortably offline different types of articles, videos and other contributions on your devices with the app and what pocket so special, you read the following review.

To the section:

  • features & Use
  • screen & service
  • speed & stability
  • Price-performance
  • final verdict

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  • &# X2713; sorting with tags possible
  • &# X2713; Quick and easy operation
  • &# X2713; Practical browser version
  • &# X2713; Complete synchronization on multiple devices


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Google Nexus 54.4.2No5.
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features & Use

Whether data volume limitation, bad network or simply no time - why a product can not be read the same, usually for several reasons. a few steps pocket provides a good offline reader for various types of contributions. To use the service from, you must register with an email address. This has among others the advantage that the contents of the app also be synchronized to other mobile devices such as an iPad or on the PC. You call your stored items at any time via the website www.getpocket.com.

pocket screenshot1Pocket PC also call on the browser. / © AndroidPIT

You will find an interesting post that you want to read later offline, you just type in the relevant Internet or in another app on the Split button and selects there Add to Pocket from. So save your interesting items on eBay, news of your choice or even YouTube videos. Pocket downloads the content, granting you later without an Internet connection to look into the content.

pocket screenshot2Articles and content store quickly and easily into pocket. / © AndroidPIT

After saving a website a small menu will appear on the right you can make more options without having to open Pocket separately. So let Add tags or you send your news found directly to a friend. If your recipient uses also Pocket, the article is placed in a specially created folder. The other way around does that also.

pocket screenshot3Even during the backup can set your tags. / © AndroidPIT

Articles and videos and other content are presented in a uniform design with a recall in the app. Especially with extensive articles with a lot of text Pocket makes the content highly visible and pleasing to the eye. Your highlighted in the article a post as read and stores it as the archive or puts an asterisk for the favorites tag.

The overflow menu is the Web view and you can here change the tags to sort your saved items according to category. In addition, your changes here right font size, brightness, and can switch to a dark or sepia theme. Who wants to, can be read the complete text.

pocket Screenshot4The reading screen can adapt well. / © AndroidPIT

A look at the settings is always worthwhile. There you can define specifically how Pocket should behave when reading your offline items. Whether Auto Full Screen or page flipping, you may affect the appearance with the appropriate options. Likewise, you will determine when and how to be downloaded and whether the stored items will be stored on the SD card. Sync and sort settings are also possible.

pocket Screenshot5A look at the settings worth it! / © AndroidPIT

screen & service

The pocket app is designed simple and intuitive. The side menu provides a good overview and shows you in your own list About Categories Articles, videos, photos and shared to me. All contents in the form of unsorted reached her with a nod to My List.

pocket screenshot6Clearly held: The Pocket menu. / © AndroidPIT

Your managed your tags and favorites below, and you can read articles in the archive again call. The inbox is divided Pocket Saves of friends. In the Highlights category you also find posts after intense usage. There are special items listed after a certain number of Pocket downloads. Intensive users obtain a selection of articles of their favorite authors or frequently visited websites. The highlights are generated depending on the reading time or category-day and other criteria.

speed & stability

Over the test period Pocket was stable and reliable. The wireless network and road in mobile data connection articles, photos have been downloaded at a reasonable pace.


Pocket is available for free download. There is no advertising or other in-app purchases.

final verdict

The Internet is full of interesting information and often lack the time to read through everything. Pocket is the perfect companion here and places of interest from so that you can read it later offline. In addition to the simple and intuitive interface, especially the direct use on the share button on websites and other apps out convinced. With the available already in this step options such as Fixed Place of tags, many items can be organized without that you have to access the app. The simple display and the ability to adapt to their own reading habit are also available. Overall, convinced Pocket across the board and should be missing on any smartphone a multi-reader.

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