Samsung Galaxy S7 edge rooten with system software nougat / Android 7.0

can someone tell me (I am a beginner) as I can edge with Android 7.0 rooten the S7 ?!

As it had Android 6.1 (marshmallow), I rooted with Odin and CF. That will probably not work with nougat. Who can help me?

LG Maren

P.S. do not be angry, but if I now someone with technical terms such as flash something, or the like comes, I so can not do much. I need tatsächiich a step by step explanation of very stupid :(

That although now some videos YouToube and also some English instructions found, but all is not for the German version of the nougat updates. It's probably only if you but only cause errors with Odin TWRP and then CF installed and should be. Are there any other solutions?

the links I've found here times:

:( sorry, I'm still a rookie and may adjust any links, but maybe it comes with copy, without which I make a link. Please do not forget the http about to enter :)

Hi Maren, so it might work supersu-zip.html

Thanks Jens S.

Yes, I had seen, but it was still early in 2016. Then it went but without TWRP, with Odin and CF (+ Supersu), but now with the new nougat there first time probably only the solution with TWRP and is still faulty at the moment. I was hoping that someone has another solution :(

what do you mean by defective, either it works or not.

Has many quirks, apart from the obvious disadvantages as getripptem Noxcounter, SamsungPay / AndroidPay loss like lubricates times a SystemApp from the brightness is no longer governed properly and many little things that are not currently dismissed the venture as stable.

Incidentally, there is much between going and not going.
First TWRP is flashed, while ensuring beforehand that OEM Unlock is enabled.
After that Data Partition wipen, otherwise the mount fails, but what is needed. So far it is not, unfortunately, different.
Now flash over TWRP and then the SUPERSU zip (currently beta) flash.
need to start can make reboot and the device, so, even if it restarts 3-5 times and felt one hour.

GZ now Nougat is rooted.

Hey, there is now a method that works without bugs etc.?

The only way there would be downgrade to 6.0.1 but really it should also be on the 7.0 work