HTC 10 – As the SD card (formatted as internal memory) View with File Manager?

I have my SD card as the internal memory formatted. So far so good. but now I can not access that memory, in other words do nothing to install apps on it as clumsy. When I open the solid explorer, I land in "root", There is nen folder named "storage"From which I assume that it represents the card SD. I can not do anything in the folder but I apparently have no rights ("Access denied").
How do I normally use the file manager to the SD card access and create folders and files up download music and perform all the things you do just with ner SD card?

If you act an external SD card as extra internal memory formatierst he as the actual internal memory. What's you in this sense have no external SD card more. Therefore, you will also not have access to an external memory card have. The internal memory, which you can find again in the file manager, is now the merger of internal and external memory.

Note you should also, that the memory card is that now formatted as an internal memory is just like the real internal memory encrypted. This in turn means that you can use the memory card in this state than in any other smartphone, any more than on the PC. Want to have this again, you need to undo this action, you have as usual access to your external SD card.

is also very important. If you have formatted the external SD card as the internal memory, it can and will happen that the device apps and data on the complete internal memory stores. Now, if you use the card for a few months and will save apps, or other data onto the device, the device is of course dependent on the memory card. Emtnimmst you this now, or do reverse this action, your device will be missing important data, just because you can not decide what is stored where. This can cause problems under certain circumstances.

I hope I could help you with it.

Kind regards

Thanks, now the problem got solved. I also had to the SD card as the internal memory can not access. With a restart of smartphones everything has settled again.

Na better. If we already are now the subject of how much memory is available to you? I have the Galaxy S7 and this has 32 Gb memory. With my SD card of 128 GB to myself after formatting the expanded internal memory only 128 GB is available, and it should be but actually 128 GB plus 32 Gb existing internal memory, right?

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