Google Nexus 7 – Nexus 7 2012: How long does your battery?

As the title suggests, I would like to know how long can your nexus use on a single charge her in the average, because I feel that mine faster is empty. On the night (8 hours standby) it loses up to 10% and I want to know if this is normal.

Lg, Pit

It does depend on how much I use my if it is just there make it safely two days.

But it has become definitely worse since 4.4.4. "Android OS" always somewhere between 20-40%.

In addition, it does not always react immediately so some process seems the tablet "entertained" to keep!

OK thanks for the answer. So it's because of the update thank :)

Worse, it is certainly not become me with 4.4.4, rather the opposite.
If I do not get in involved, I'm so about ScreenOn to 4 hours.

Oops ... the 2012! But I have the 2013. Should not matter.

I can not understand. In standby (eg flight mode) keeps my bunk loose 2 ~ 3 weeks. Since I use Slimkat just over 1 week.

(With root)

,-Android system currently 4%

,-Android OS ~ 2%

,-Display ~ 44%

,-Hibernation ~ 26%


So in standby with WiFi it loses about 1% per hour with me.
For me, the running time is under 4.4.4 also become worse, both on the Nexus 4 and on the seventh
Unfortunately, it also depends frequently. unfortunately the N7 has inferior storage that if less than 4 GB are free especially rumzicken. Google Currents also causes problems, the app can indeed not go away, but at least deactivate.

In my still holds just under 4 hours by 5.1, depending on what I do, sometimes more, sometimes less.

But I have just seen my battery but only a maximum of 3260 mAh has of (according to data sheet) 4325 mAh.

atimage I used Android OS in flight mode (!) sometimes totally much battery. Because where the curve is flat, I have airplane mode off and mobile data enabled!

To further answer the question: in flight mode, no activity when these battery-eating process is active for about 1 day and a few hours (previous post). With an active data connection and low usage about 7 days.