Sony Xperia Z3 Compact – Is the camera really soooo Mies ????


@Different: there is unfortunately not. However, you can open widget it over the (camera). So I will.

Good tip. Thank you.

I'm doing Z3 Compact similar in the.

Compared to the HTC One Mini, the images of the Z3 Compact does not appear so I succeeded.

If one were to speak in today's digital age of Belichteungszeit, then I would argue that the Z3 Compact has a longer exposure than the HTC One Mini. The for t to partially blurred or blurred shots.

I had hoped for more from the camera of the Z3 Compact me. Bin to date a little disappointed!

I can not confirm, but I rarely take pictures in Sony's automatic mode but mostly manual. Because then you can set the ISO auto on higher or adjust the knobs the aperture or white balance. Who has time to at least read a photo Buck for SLR or even has SLR experience and knows the optical connections, photographed with NEM Xperia Z ?? better than other compacts with ner (so I toppe Playing the results of the Canon PowerShot G7 with the XZ ??).

So who wants to see what you can do with nem Z3c should take a look Sony Xperia Blog for Academia View.

Addendum: If you want the images can load down here (is tucked away on the blog).

I have always photographed with automatic. Since I have the Z3c I deal increasingly with the manual options and am thrilled what is actually possible

Exactly Chris, the automatic system is at Sony for some reason not as good as the other manufacturers / apps. Those who want automatic should absolutely look Perfectly Clear. Otherwise, the manual mode is for those whom aperture, ISO and Weißablgeich what does the ideal solution and almost a unique feature!

Chris Black

![Image] [1]
![Image] [2]
![Image] [3]
![Image] [4]


Figure 1: last night, sunset - main camera
Figure 2: this morning, Sunrise - main camera
Figure 3: now, on my left in the office: p - main camera
Figure 4: now spontaneous, a Selfie - FrontCam

had to reduce the first three images, otherwise the upload would not have worked

the photos have been taken ratzfatz mitn automatic mode ... so cell phone out of the bag, camera button is pressed, focused, snapped, finished
for people who are familiar with the camera settings, be sure to manually then some possible

I am quite satisfied, even though the LG G3 - camera was better
on request I can also upload more images for the purpose of everyday practicality, abfotografien as Notes (to write lazy), or the dog playing in the home and outdoors


Have a Z 1c and I must say my front camera does not do so great photos! Top!

But I can say that I'm super happy with the cam, better than my S3 then and I really can not imagine that Sony has taken a step back. Maybe leave the unit exchange?

Principessa Patricia

Have a Z 1c and I must say my front camera does not do so great photos! Top!

which is on the model p

here you have a small comparison between automatic and manual.
The images were made in the bedroom and that blackout at CPL, i it was pitch black.

Automatic mode, 16: 9 with flash

manual mode, 4: 3 with flash (no further settings are made)

full size you can see it .. clearer than the down-scaled images
In automatic mode, the picture is considerably overexposed
in manual mode, the color is realisitischer and the details are beautiful

Exactly Chris. But the automatic image is not really bad, but should be reworked. Then you need only turn on the light and the picture is OK again (at least in the few pictures in my case). In the rule-go with the automatic overexposure no details are lost.

I am talking primarily about snapshots. Because I have something to manually set no time great. If I'm traveling with my son, then I will not have to tell him to even stand to stay, so I can adjust everything like that.

By the way; for users like me, that's not really user-friendly. I do not have big hands and no affinity for Smwartphones, Apss and their possibilities. "Keep it simple" is my motto!

However (!!!), it would of course be a relief if there was a way that you can save manual settings and these can be set right at the start of the action. There is this option?

have the Z3 c, my buddy the Z2. It is such that, under IDENT GODS settings in manual mode the photos with the Z2 SIGNIFICANTLY better! no idea why. Photos are realativ pale and colorless, have already made more than 1,000 images with this mobile phone. With my old S4 Mini I could achieve much better photo results. Otherwise the course handy 1a cream

This has something to do with the standard default. Sony has something changed in the Ausliefereinstellungen. try with a little, you get the old settings back down.