Samsung Galaxy A5 no longer goes to

I bought half a year ago the Samsung Galaxy A5 at Media Markt.
But after four months it made problems. It went out again and again, difficulties with the charge had and no longer went to the end. So I sent it a ...
Media Markt told me I would have tried to root my phone ... and showed me daraufhihn a picture (attached) of my A5 in download mode on which the root can be seen. Now I'm just trying itself to take the problem into their own hands, since I already have a find 180 Euro repair costs bit exaggerated. I've downloaded the application smartSWITCH and wanted to reset by this my phone to factory settings.

But herein lies the problem: To do that I need to get to the download mode my phone. but my phone is still not high Movable, the key combination of the volume button, the home button and the OFF button, it will not start.

Is there to open the download mode is another way? Because of the support of Media Markt was also somehow in the download mode!
Picture of Media Markt Service:

Hi Sanne,

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What volume button do you use?

Hi Ludy,

Thank you for your answer :)
I use the "Quieter" Button've tried but also any other combination, but it does nothing ...

Is there any way to start the download mode from the PC?

Hi Sanne,

keep volume Quiet + Home and press Power - is the only way.

oh dear :( Too bad my phone really responds to anything it's like completely broken, it can only because of this "tried" root be? When charging, the battery indicator does not come as usual ...
And the funny thing of the matter is that people really could get into the menu from Media Markt somehow ...

Hello, may help a jig usb plug, there Amazon

Thank you
Good idea, so does this with all Android devices even when my A5 2016 or only when specified by the seller?

I may not be able to say exactly why, but I'd try it

ok thanks anyway

If the load does not display, which is unusual.
Closing it once to the PC if he responds, if so, followed by 40 seconds, press the Pwer button and then at the outlet.

The PC, unfortunately, does not recognize the phone ...:?
I think that there are charging maybe any problem with the otherwise would have to the battery indicator on the screen or the phone would
I've just vibrate Various charging cable already tried but it does nothing.

May be due to the protective action of the Samsung software against the root?

Have just read, could indeed possibly be helpful to other:
Simultaneously press the volume button, Home button and the Power button and hold.
An inquiry is due to recovery.
Then I pressed the volume button. Lo and behold, cell phone working again.
In recovery everything is reset.
Namely had just the same problem.

huhu how long did it take to you with the download?

I have the same problem with my A5. Have not tried to root. It has been suddenly, without that the battery was empty and now I have tried everything. Nothing works ...., you have now found a solution to your problem?

Hello everybody

for me the problem is happening just like lotte blum for 3 days. I can not even secure a pc datein because the phone will not start and hang on startup image.

the plug on the charger but the battery symbol can still be seen. can not, as I said, start one.


My Samsung A5 2017 had just the same problem, say it was easy, no reaction to the Start button and just as no display during charging.

With the above key combination low volume button + home button + power button, the device has shown the OS download screen and asked me if I want to load an app or just want to perform a restart. (Keep it pressed! Min. 20 sec.)

By actuating the low volume button my unit was restarted and now works again.

LG Franz

Hey guys thank you so much for the help. Because I'm fourteen and when my parents would find out that I have wrecked my phone after only nine months (although I have not done that yes) they had determined me not to buy new. But you know, if that's was a standard problem? So it looks like I'm not the only one. perhaps you should contact Samsung and point out times.