LG G4 in review: The acquisition is worth now more than ever – Hardware Tests

The LG G4 is the test of whether it comes from a Galaxy S6, how it feels in everyday life and whether the purchase is still worthwhile in February 2016th After the marshmallow update it shows improvements we describe in the software section.

  • LG G4 vs. LG G3: Is it worth the successor?
  • LG G4 vs. Galaxy S6 Edge: Comparison

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  • Price and Availability
  • Design and processing
  • display
  • software
  • performance
  • Audio
  • camera
  • battery pack
  • Technical specifications
  • final verdict
  • Where buy?
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  • &# X2713; high work rate
  • &# X2713; Fantastic Camera
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LG G4: Price and Availability

The LG G4 released in early June 2015. The model with plastic back there in the colors silver, gold and ceramic white. The recommended retail price (RRP) was 650 euros. The price is in February, less than 400 euros. The leather version had an MSRP of 700 Euros and appeared in shades of brown, black and red. Each leather model there's also a gold colored plastic back to it. This variant will cost in February 2016 400 Euro.

So that the LG G4 the best top smartphone Generation 2015. The idea appointment of his successor LG G5 is 21 February 2016th

LG G4: design and processing

The display front is easily bent, which makes for a very pleasant feel and the LG G4 makes a real flatterer. However, the radius of the virtual circle around which the G4 hugs is much larger than that of the LG G Flex 2. In other words, the curve is much more subtle when G4 and less intrusive than the Flex. Gorilla Glass 4 makes the G4 20 percent more shock resistant than the G3 - at least that's the LG.

Also a nice detail: The front is decorated with all devices in carbon look and slightly structured. The large decorative stitching on the center of the back of the leather version is initially only some getting used to, but is doing very well and makes for a striking recognition of the LG G4.

lg g4 front curveThe G4 cornering less closely than the G Flex 2 / © AndroidPIT

The curved display has an average wide edge and behind the glass you can see a very fine carbon fiber-look. With its curve the front panel complements well with the humped back. After testing both models, we find that the leather model is much aufreißerischer.

lg g4 back leather usb portThe removable leather tray costs extra and is worth every euro. / © AndroidPIT

The plastic model of the LG G4 does not completely smooth back, but a diamond pattern and is also made of a matte plastic. I like really good and is a nice detail, after I had initially feared, LG would take the same polished look like the G Flex 2 at G4. But this is not the case, fortunately.

lg g4 back plasticThe plastic model is cheaper, but does so in no way cheap. / © AndroidPIT

LG remains true to his idiosyncratic button arrangement and places them center back. This has the result that the edge of the housing is completely smooth. Incidentally, there is a tiny hole for the infrared gun with which you can remotely control your TV at the upper edge. Opening the tailgate of the LG G4, the replaceable battery and slots for memory and SIM cards come out.

lg g4 front curveThe LG G4 is the last flagship with replaceable battery. / © AndroidPIT

Due to the curvature and the thick battery the tested LG G4 comes to a total thickness of 9.8 millimeters. This is certainly not a low value, and would be the battery considerably large and the running time accordingly long, it would be absolutely no problem to accept such a thickness. Unfortunately, both are not given, so it would have gone differently and better.

LG G4: leather or plastic?

Look is not insignificant, the same applies to feel. And so any user who is interested in the LG G4 will ask the question: Should I pick up the leather model or save money and put on plastic? When asked Leather vs. Plastic I want you to help as much as possible. In short, I strongly recommend the cheaper plastic variety. Times completely outside the question left if you really need real leather on a smartphone before, some merit in plastic:

Firstly, the LG G4 is extremely smooth with leather spine. I myself was surprised at how little grip offers the cowhide, and so it is quite difficult to keep the leather-G4 well and with one hand. Moreover, unfortunately, the leather of our test unit looks nowhere near as high as I had hoped.

But what is worse: The leather is extremely scratch prone. I do not think you will manage to bring the device with no visible scratches even by a week because the slightest touch of a finger nail leads to unsightly abrasions (see photo), not to mention frictions in your pocket. It looks beautiful, without a doubt, but I think it is possible that with a LG G4 enormously unwiderstandsfähigem, wafer-thin leather Your continued enjoyment will.

And all of these concerns you bought you even with money, because the leather-G4 costs around 50 euros more than the plastic version. Sure, for the extra charge, you will receive a gold plastic back cover, so you have both. But in my opinion, you can watch this supplement give without hesitation and would rather invest it in a large microSD card.

lg g4 leather scratch 1After a few days began to show the first scratches on the LG G4 leather, and our test model was born not even in pockets. Fingernails alone are bad enough for the cow skin. / © AndroidPIT

But there are not only reasons against the leather, the same train some merit in plastic. In fact, is the plastic-G4, at least in my opinion, better and more comfortable in the hand and also acts even slightly nobler. Yes, fine. Because the leather is implemented little quality on the LG G4, and the plastic has a low-key look that can affect the entire device rather as a unified than the sharp break in the transition from leather to plastic housing. In addition, the plastic version looks even slimmer because it lacks the leather buckles at the edges.

Finally, the back plastic scraper forgive much better. With its slight indentations that resemble a golf ball, the back is dynamic, so scratches stand out not as strong as on a completely flat, smooth surface.

So the comparison LG G4 Plastic vs. Leather wins in my view, clearly the less expensive material because it promises more grip, looks better, is more resistant and saves you good money.

LG G4: repairability

Let's take another look at the issue of repairability. In times when more and more smart phones stuck in aluminum Unibody and use fragile materials such as glass and apart from that already are getting thinner, it becomes more difficult to repair them. The LG G4 does here expresses positive shows how iFixit has as always found out. There you take smartphones apart and rated how well they can be repaired. And good repairability means less work hours or in extreme cases, fewer components that need to be replaced, just to fix the actual damage.

The result in the teardown of iFixit: A score of 8 out of 10, making the LG G4 is considered very well repairable. The back cover and the battery can be known to remove without tools, many components are modular, so can be replaced independently of each other, the screws used do not correspond exotic, rare standards and are therefore easy to solve. The only drawback: LCD panel and the display glass can not be solved from one another and must therefore be replaced together, not a rare phenomenon in smartphones.

LG G4: Display

The LG G3 was at that time the first smartphone with QHD display. Now we test the LG G4 and will be surprised at the same resolution on a whole new way. Because LG was trying to overtake the sRGB standard and go for a more natural color representation on to the color standard of the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) to think.

lg g4 frontThe display is nice loud, but not too colorful. / © AndroidPIT

The qHD display is very bright and presents the colors in a very natural way, not oversaturated. Also from different angles as to suggest that this will change. Even before the publication LG had advertised that it was able to increase the screen brightness by 25 percent. It is blindingly bright, but still not as bright as that of the Galaxy S6 display. The black levels of the IPS displays in the test of the LG G4 project is not expected to go down as deep as that of OLED displays, such as one finds it in Samsung smartphones.

However, an eye-factor is not caused by light or dark, but by the terrific color reproduction. The DCI standard is satisfied by the display of the LG G4 to 98 percent, which really catches the eye while viewing photos. The colors look strikingly real.

LG G4: Software

The LG G4 was one of the first smartphones that has been updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. With the update, the software is streamlined and there are new features available. In the following we therefore no longer cater to the software that was installed before the marshmallow update on the LG G4.

lg g4 homescreen quick settingsStart screen and quick settings are easily modified at LG. / © AndroidPIT

LG offers some modifications of the Android interface compared to the original by Google. You can adjust the G4 software in some places and so speed up your work with the smartphone. Thanks to the good performance of the smartphone this work is great fun.

lg g4 smart settingsSmart Settings and abbreviations increase efficiency. / © AndroidPIT

You can train yourself to G4 certain automatism. So can you your WiFi clear when you leave the house. Then your LG G4 evaluated for longer for wireless LANs, and thus consumes less power. The volume buttons can make your to quick-start buttons for the camera.

lg g4 dual windowMultitasker enjoy the dual-window mode. / © AndroidPIT

One of the specialties of the LG G4 is the dual-window mode. You can express the index opened apps out on the Dual Window button and select two apps. This then open up on each other. Turns your LG G4, also the windows turn. With the slide in the middle of your changed the sizes of the sections.

lg g4 cleaning bulletinLG installed reasonably useful bloatware. / © AndroidPIT

The number of non-erasable, preinstalled apps - also known as bloatware - is tolerable on the LG G4 in Android marshmallow. You have a Smart Cleaner to clear temporary files and to identify underutilized apps. Left of the home screen you have the Smart bulletin reminders of appointments and birthdays or practical tips for the user interface.

A very popular feature of LG smartphones is awakening and locks without physical buttons: Wakes the LG G4 with a double tap on the display from standby. This capability you can connect to the security function Knock Code: Tapped screen quadrants in a specific order to turn on the screen and unlock the smartphone. Not true, the order, the screen is locked. Tapping twice on the notification bar at the top of the screen to enable the LG G4 back into standby.

LG G4: Performance

The LG G4 is very fast in everyday life and is reflected almost equal equipped devices. It comes nowhere near to the measured values ​​and not the subjective pace of the Galaxy S6. And in games it can not compete with a Sony Xperia Z5. After the marshmallow update performance has neither improved nor worsened.

For the G4 LG not picked up the largest available Snapdragon 810, but for 808. First rumors that they decided against the 810er because he had heat problems, LG had of itself; it had only located at the timing. However, the new hexa-core processor carries only two high-performance modules so that he previously little shines in benchmarks, but, after all, interspersed occasionally against the Snapdragon 810th

lg g4 AnTuTuThe AnTuTu benchmark test of the LG G4 conceals that its Snapdragon 808 in everyday life works perfectly. / © AndroidPIT

Even the multitasking between several games and applications, and browser tabs is the processor and 3 GB of RAM quickly succeeded. The biggest problem, however, is to supply the nearly 3.7 million pixels of the display in 3D games fast enough with images was. Asphalt 8 or Real Boxing have wiggled. Players should pick up the Galaxy S6 or the Xperia Z5.

lg g4 AnTuTuThe high screen resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels games quickly degenerate into bucking. Featuring a full HD display, the Adreno 418 GPU would probably have no trouble. / © AndroidPIT

LG G4: Audio

Another area that has not done in the LG than the bare minimum, is the speaker phone, which comes in mono and hiding in the lower corner of the rear panel. No question: Compared to the stereo speakers of the HTC One M9 the G4 faded here, but the volume is still ok, although the sound is not absolutely clear. In the end, the audio of the LG G4 with the Galaxy S6 can be compared.

lg g4 backThe simple speaker on the back of the LG G4 delivers decent but not spectacular sound. / © AndroidPIT

is a small but cool trick, the LG G4 that you connect both wired and wireless headphones and can hear so parallel in two ways music. The sound quality on calls is absolutely sufficient, which has me a little surprised at the small size of the speaker. Background sounds in noisy environments filters the G4 out well.

LG G4: Camera

The camera of the LG G4 jumps to 16 megapixels. But what is crucial is the wide aperture of f / 1.8, which itself suggests the excellent Galaxy S6 camera. Also OIS 2.0 (the new Image Stabilizer) is, that is, the camera of the LG G4 can not only greatly absorb much light, she forgives also shaky hands and avoid blurred images better than ever.

lg g4 cameraThe camera of the LG G4 offers both the hardware as well as on the software front. / © AndroidPIT

LG has become more than the competition focused on making its flagship to a worthy alternative to DSLR cameras. A flexible manual mode in addition to the mandatory automatic mode allows for this purpose to make all the adjustments that experienced photographers expect - ie ISO, trip time, depth, color temperature and of course the saving in lossless RAW format. Even a Simple Mode there, somewhere where your tap the screen and can trigger that.

There are also two new features that can make faster Photos: If you press twice quickly the volume quieter button on the back of the G4, a photograph is taken. This works even when the display and the G4 in standby. For the front camera, there is a gesture recognition for the trigger: If you hold his hand until a fist into the camera, it then opens, closes it into a fist and opens it finally one last time, a number of selfies is taken where you can afterwards select the best photos.

lg g4 back sevenThe 16 MP camera of the G4 has a color spectrum sensor. / © AndroidPIT

Instead of the increasingly widespread dual LED flash, the camera of the LG G4 has a color spectrum sensor. This measures the light levels in the environment and adjusts the displayed colors accordingly, which results in that the vexed yellow or blue stitches inevitable that we know of many cameras. Also rich, natural and well-balanced reds the LG G4 captures what you can see from the tomatoes in the gallery.

At best, the LG G4 makes spectacular images whose level of detail is most achieved by Galaxy S6. Night shots are well balanced and also catch thanks to the flash many details one without letting the subject it look overexposed.

In the following gallery you can watch all our test shots and G4 make you your own image from the camera of the LG.

lg-g4-camera-sample>GalleryLG G4: test photos the cameralg g4 back cameraThe camera of the LG G4. / © AndroidPIT

LG G4: Battery

After initial doubts is now known that the LG G4 Qualcomm Fast Charge Quick Charge supported 2.0. This is indicated inter alia on the G4 devices side by Qualcomm and thus officially confirmed. With a current top smartphone at least the experts expect among users legitimately a quick charge feature, which is now commonplace. In addition, the LG G Flex 2 is equipped with Quick-Charge compatibility, so it was absolutely incomprehensible, as last went through the tech press, the LG G4 let not load quickly.

  • Battery life prolong made easy

The installed battery summarizes average 3000 mAh and is also interchangeable. This makes the LG G4 become one of the most interesting candidates for people who need the full flexibility. For after Samsung has eliminated the exchange battery the Galaxy S6, LG may have won almost a unique feature of this feature.

lg g4 batteryThat works out: Even the LG G4, the battery can be replaced yet. Very beautiful! / © AndroidPIT

LG G4: Technical Specifications

Dimensions:Mass:Battery capacity:Display size:Display Technology:Screen:Front camera:Rear camera:Lightning:Android:R.A.M:Internal memory:Removable storage:chipset:Number of cores:Max. Frequency:connectivity:
148.9 x 76.7 x 9.8 mm
155 g
3000 mAh
5.5 inches
2560 x 1440 pixels (534 ppi)
8 megapixels
16 megapixels
5.1 - Lollipop
3 GB
32 GB
Qualcomm Snapdragon 808
1.8 GHz
HSPA, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1

final verdict

The LG G4 is still worth a purchase in February 2016th It has the latest software, works quickly and is inexpensive. With convenient extras such as the replaceable battery and the memory card slot, it remains a good choice in the long run because your major flaws with cheap accessories can compensate.

Lg g4 frontDefinitely worth a purchase: The LG G4. / © AndroidPIT

The other top smartphones of 2015 can not and are also more expensive. For this, they score especially in games with more power. However, if you are not a gamer and does not bother you, the size of 5.5 inches, the LG G4 is now the first choice for you.

Where to buy the LG G4

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