The best backup apps for Android

We tested backup apps for you, with which you never have to reconfigure your phone again. Here, two backup apps have proven to be particularly effective. One of them even works on unmodified Android smartphones. update: Google counters with Android Auto Backup, but the test we come close to the well-intended function.

  • Thus ensuring your Android app data
  • Transfer your contacts, data and backups from the old anew Android smartphone

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Apps for backing up app data - with and without root

The following backup solutions help secure your app data. Many of them, unfortunately, assume that your rootet your smartphone. Because only then the backup app has access to the data of the other apps. As you rootet and what that means, we explain in this article:

  • Android rooten: The ultimate guide

You want to also save your SMS, calendar, contacts and call logs? With the exception of SMS, this data is stored in your Google account and automatically granted from the old to the new device. SMS backups we go one detail at this point.

You want to back up photos and music files? These can simply be copied to the computer via a USB cable, and therefore do not require special backup app.

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  • Why do we need backup apps?
  • Titanium Backup: The best backup app and much more
  • Helium Backup: The best backup app for backup without root
  • Other backup apps

Why do we need backup apps?

Everything could be so beautiful. Google had introduced a new feature also with Android Auto Backup, ensures the app data. This means that the log-in data and settings of your apps in the cloud storage are stored on Google Drive. If you then linked a new phone with the same Google Account installed there apps from the backup data is automatically set up for you.

pixel restore 2 deToo many backups spoil the broth. / © AndroidPIT

But Android Auto Backup works only if your exchange or your smartphone widely spaced resets. Since the backups be created for each device or after each reset, the list secured app data is too short and incomplete backup, so useless.

  • Android Auto Backup works as well? A sample ...

So as Android users, we look still envious of the iOS users, the Backup and Restore all data, settings and even the symbol arrangement accurately restores. but changes you from iPhone to a smartphone with Android or Windows Phone from, you must re-register all apps and reconfigure the apps. The wise user makes even a backup of the application data. And developing backup Apps on Android are the simplest solution.

AndroidPIT thinking of getting iphone 3363The Bugdroid aligned jealous that iOS makes better backups. / © AndroidPIT

Titanium Backup: The Ultimate Backup Solution

Titanium Backup to backup any other app comes close. The extensive application can back up just about anything: apps, application data, SMS, system settings, widgets, background and everything else, and then the application with root authority has access. You can even create different versions of your backups.

  • Never again set Apps: Titanium Backup in the test
Titanium backup app list actionsRoot-compulsive makes Titanium to backup tool of geeks. / © AndroidPIT

The recovery is possible not only to the original device, but also to other hardware, Android versions or custom ROMs. Who experimented much and flashes, white Titanium Backup to appreciate. The root compulsion includes all those out of you who do not want rooting your smartphone or can. For those of you looking at the next backup app is recommended.

Extensive backup functionsconfusing interface
Access to system appsOperation is hardly explains
Almost absolute control thanks to fine-tuneRoot-compulsive
App management
Removing bloatware and old data
Titanium Backup ★ rootInstall on Google Play

Helium: backup without root

Helium is also non-root a suitable backup app. Unfortunately, they dominated not as many features as the above presented Titanium Backup by far. Cloud Backup and schedules make the Pro version a good choice. Our detailed test looks at the strengths and weaknesses of backup app helium.

  • Helium Backup: backup solution without root
best backup apps heliumHelium is also good without root. / © AndroidPIT

With Android 6.0 smartphones helium had the time of testing its problems: The device encryption generated when backing a conflict. You must always first remove the screen lock before backups. This makes helium backup for some of you unfit.

  • Android app data secure with and without root
Simple Backup SolutionNo different versions of backups possible
Backup without rootSome apps take a long time to back up
Complete cloud connectionIncompatible with device encryption
Automated backups possible
Helium - App Sync and BackupInstall on Google Play

Other backup apps

Ultimate Backup Lite

Many users have had positive experiences with Ultimate Backup. Cloud connectivity, backups on the SD card and the largest free functionality of the presented Apps sound enticing. Unfortunately, we could not restore app data in a test with the non-rooted Nexus 6P. Thus Ultimate Backup is in our view the time being not a real competitor to Titanium or helium.

best backup apps ultimate backup liteUltimate Backup is really good with root. / © AndroidPIT

As cloud services Dropbox, Google Drive and Box were involved. For superuser the functionality to a full App management, including freezing, separating Market links and backup application data expanded.

great designcontain any media files
Comprehensive information about applicationsWithout root access no recovery possible
Functionality with root very good
Ultimate backupInstall on Google Play

Easy Backup and Restore

Who does not have the right to back up the data an app can access also to other apps. These can be operated lighter overall, at least the detour via the computer is not necessary. So if you simply save a specific app or wants to bring as SMS data or data from the calendar in safety, reaches for the free app Easy Backup & Restore. Through the simple design, the user can immediately select the desired data or apps and secure them on an SD card or via Google Drive.

Easy backup RestoreSimple design: Simply select and secure the right thing. / © AndroidPITEasy backup & RestoreInstall on Google Play

App backup & Restore

Also very clearly designed and simple easy to use app is backup & Restore. This app is especially recommended to users who want to transfer content to an SD card regularly - especially APK files.

App Backup RestoreBackup and malware scanning at the same time. / © AndroidPITApp Backup Restore TransferInstall on Google Play


Many users swear by the Windows program MyPhoneExplorer. but it does not care about the app data, but to address book, calendar, SMS, files and photos or call list and synchronizes different programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. The tool is therefore more convenient for those who do not want to back to Google these data are not only, or work in general.

TWRP backup

A device-dependent solution would be the so-called TWRP backup. That should make you before your your device recorded with a different firmware, such as a custom ROM. Also this backup method is extremely complicated and has a crucial weakness: You can copy the backup only on the same (not necessarily the same) device to restore. That disqualifies the method for the removal of your app data from the old anew smartphone.

TWRP backupsimply ensures the entire partition / © AndroidPIT

TWRP makes a backup of the complete partition and can compress the data and encrypt. The archive with an image is then in the public directory, from which you can copy it to a computer or in the cloud.

TWRP restoreAvailable Backups must be komatibel with the device. / © AndroidPIT

The restoration detects whether the backup was made with a compatible device. This is not the case, the backup is hidden in the view shown above.


Thanks to automatic backup photos on Dropbox or Google photos and music in the cloud hardly a need for full backups of the smartphone or tablet. If your your device changes only every two years and does not reset, will also work Auto Backup for you and help.

Titanium Backup and helium fall when car backup does not work for you. Unfortunately, the backup apps use complicated. After all, backup scheduling helps to automate the complex process. The only real competitor for those of you who do not have root access or want to remain helium backup. The app saves without superuser privileges already significantly less app data, but that's better than no backup.

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This article has been updated to take account of the Android Auto backups.