Samsung Galaxy S7 – Transfer of images gallery on the PC – where are the pictures for transfer


am now switched from the iPhone 5 to the new Galaxy S7.

1) The use of programs I) can be transferred to the Samsung the entire Whatsapp (incl. Chat history etc.

And I've found that a lot of photos have been transferred and transferred to the gallery. So here are also videos. Now I would so go and not leave some pictures and videos on the Galaxy, but transferred to a PC. In addition I have then connected to the USB cable and both devices would have thought that I simply can transfer images and videos to the PC. Unfortunately, I find upon review of the Galaxy (on the PC with Explorer) no directory where these images are stored. Can anyone tell me where these pictures and videos are stored and how do I get then send it to the PC?

2) I notice that many pictures have now been placed in the gallery, and Google Photos. Can someone explain the difference between the two programs to me. I do not understand the difference that is.

Many, many thanks in advance.

if you infect it, you should at the mobile phone as a mode mtp select ... then dcim look, as should the images to find his:)
to Photos: look at the play tore the description an..die gallery is only required to view the images in this photo, for example, can also be stored in the cloud

The respective images are in the directory of the app. E.g the whatsapp images and vVdeos are under the folder "/ Whatsapp / media" to find.

The images that you made with the camera are stored in DCIM.

Gallery is the old app, Google Photos, the recent.