Samsung Galaxy S6 – calls not possible! Error: “Not on the net registered”


I have my Galaxy S6 for about a year and operate it with a Congstar Sim card.
For a few days I can not make calls. It is the error message: "Not registered on the network",
Wi-Fi works and the SIM card works in another phone.
If I put a working SIM card from my 2nd phone in the Galaxy S6, this does not work!
Thus, it must be due to my Galaxy S6 or settings.
The flight mode is not activated and I have repeatedly restart the phone.
Under Settings -> Mobile network -> Network mode I've LTE / 3G (automatically connect), Only 3G and 2G only tested but without success.
When I operators "Browse networks works" select them, he finds only Vodafone and E-Plus and NOT Congstar!
Under "SIM card status it shows "Net: Unknown" at, "Service state: Except function" and "Mobile network status: Separated",
Software Info -> "Android: 7.0",
Does anyone have an idea why this might be?
How can I locate the fault? The Congstar hotline can give me will also not help, right?

Sounds to me like a defective card reader. I would again do a factory reset to rule out software problems, and if the error it still does not go to a workshop.

Place the phone on 2G
Then you choose manually by your network operator.
If you've Telekom or Congstar selected you put back from 2G to 3G or 4G if your fare 4G can.
Important the phone must be with the network provider search on wifi on the internet.


Important the phone must be with the network provider search on wifi on the internet.

I have never heard of that! If that were necessary, one would get by crossing a hole radio yes no connection. Never happened to me before.

Under Settings -> Mobile network -> Network mode I have heard of "LTE / 3G (automatically connect)" on "only 3G" and "only 2G" tested: But to no avail! And the Internet has always been connected.

If your real Imei under Settings / About phone / status?

If I read that correctly now, there are two Congstar Sim, both of which work perfectly in one device but in the S6 not. The S6 detects or is only Vodafone (D2) and E-Plus networks.
also'm assuming that you have been trying to find your provider about manual network selection.
In this case I would also assume that something is amiss in the receiver module. Since Congstar belongs to Telekom, I would visit time with the device and maps the next shop.

I bought the Händy at an online retailer.
Since no other choice than to write it and hope that I can send it in without any problem to me.
I bought it on 19/04/2016. Then I would still have just under one year Gerantie !?

Hey, I have exactly the same problem with my S6, only that I have Otelo.

Daaaaaanke !!!
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