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In our new Launcher index, we sort the home screen systems into new categories. Some sort Launcher your apps automatically or by fixed layouts. Other Launcher are kept particularly simple and conserve resources. Others bring features of tomorrow on your present phone. And still others are so crazy launcher designed that you will be amazed.

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Launcher with innovative sorting


The Smart Launcher has a fixed app grid. Each slot can assign your multiple functions. The other apps are automatically categorized. The Pro version costs 3.99 euros. Backups and icon packs are supported.

SmartLauncher 3Install on Google Playsmart launcher 2017The Smart Launcher has a rigid order. / © AndroidPIT

Microsoft Arrow

Arrow is free, but not free. Microsoft attaches importance to the integration of its services and asks many places after the optional log-in into your Microsoft account. So contacts and the app settings in MS are stored. Also your Wunderlist can be displayed in Arrow. Icon packs are supported.

arrow LauncherInstall on Google Playmicrosoft arrow launcher 2017Arrow shows Microsoft what you do. / © AndroidPIT

Square Home 2

Speaking of Microsoft ... If you liked the splash screen style Windows Mobile is Square Home something for you. The tile-Launcher also has a rigid layout with predefined calendar, time and photo widgets. Despite this, your icon packs can be used. After 14 days Trial 3.99 euros be paid.

Square Home 2 - LauncherInstall on Google Playsquare home 2 launcher 2017Looks like Windows, but is not one. / © AndroidPIT

ASAP Launcher

ASAP is on the home screen only displays the apps commonly used in the dock. The rest takes your cause from the left edge. Left and right of the Home screens are up to two each "Cards" with weather, contacts, calendars and to-dos. ASAP is 1.50 euros quite cheap. Unfortunately, he ruled no backups. Icon packs are only available in the Pro version.

ASAP LauncherInstall on Google Playasap launcher 2017Get maps important tasks directly on the home screens. / © AndroidPIT

Yahoo Aviate

The also completely free launcher Aviate is developed for Yahoo. He also observed what apps using your most. With so-called collections you can post your apps automatically be categorized. Links from the home page there is a lot of sponsored content and in between news. Icon packs are supported.

Yahoo Aviate LauncherInstall on Google Playyahoo aviate launcher 2017Aviate strong with automatic background images. / © AndroidPIT

Simple Launcher

Launcher 3

As a spin-off of Google's eingestampftem Now Launcher Launcher 3 is want something for people that save resources. The open source launcher provides for neither a backup system still Icon pack support.

Launcher<3Install on Google Playlauncher 3 2017The Launcher 3 is something for undemanding. / © AndroidPIT


The Holo Launcher uses the launcher 3 one better. In addition to many additional free features, he also has a 5.33 euro expensive Pro version with even more options, such as counters and other details; much of the functionality is also available in the free version. Backups and icon packs are supported.

Holo LauncherInstall on Google Playholo launcher 2017The Holo Launcher is also simple, but not simplistic. / © AndroidPIT


Apex and Holo differ only in details. The most important is probably the price: the in-app purchase for the Pro version suggests at Apex with only 4.39 euros. Otherwise, the description above applies.

Apex LauncherInstall on Google Playapex launcher 2017The Apex Launcher contributes minimally thicker than Holo. / © AndroidPIT

Launcher with the latest features

Nova Launcher

Without Nova Launcher Launcher no index is complete. is teslacoil always in front, if Google incorporates new features in Android. Especially in the beta channel of Nova Launcher you get all the new animations, icon formats and so on especially early. Comforting, at least cosmetically over the fact how terrible the system of Android updates is broken. The Prime version costs 5.25 euros extra. Backups and icon packs are of course supported.

Nova LauncherInstall on Google Playnova launcher 2017Nova Launcher brings you always the latest features on smartphone. / © AndroidPIT

Action Launcher

Also, the Action Launcher does with the arms race to the latest Bling Android Oreo; the same applies here: Beta is a must, you want to be there at the Bleeding Edge. The in-app purchase for the Prime version costs only 4.99 euros, but for the adaptive icons (at Nova for free) the manufacturer shelled out more 4.79. Aggressive in-app advertising for the pro version makes the Free version less attractive than Nova, Holo and Apex.

Action Launcher 3Install on Google Playaction launcher 2017Two home screens; a Launcher: Not only the Action Launcher changed with icon packs his face. / © AndroidPIT

crazy Launcher

Next Launcher 3D Shell

If you do not care resources, in-app advertising does not interfere and you have 14.99 euros left, is worth looking at the Next Launcher 3D Shell. The cranked 3D animation loaded launcher makes neat Bling allows free arrangement of apps and has almost infinite animation models and designs to choose from. However, for this he has shamelessly repeatedly to checkout.

Next Launcher 3D Shell LiteInstall on Google PlayNext Launcher 3D ShellThe Next Launcher 3D Shell crazy animations. / © AndroidPIT

Go Launcher and more ...

The Go Launcher I disqualified from its ecosystem due to its massive internal advertising and cross-references to other apps. In general, it is striking that Launcher demand a disturbing amount of permissions. Some can escape at runtime, but the majority of data for developers remains visible; especially in terms of our usage.

If you want to share positive experiences other launchers with us, we're all ears in the comment section. Until then, we wish you lots of fun trying out the above Launcher.