Small, smaller, fastest: Who needs the smallest LTE smartphone?

On Kickstarter, the makers of the allegedly smallest LTE-enabled smartphones Jelly celebrating a success: Your project is funded and so the smartphone will probably produced with the 2.4-inch touch screen. The only question is: Why?

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Added: Many, many years ago I had when buying a new mobile phone, especially in the sense that it should be as small as possible (!). A particularly interesting cell phone was the Panasonic A102. It was downright impractical small - that was in 2004. Ultimately, however, it appeared outside my cell phone buying cycle - so I never bought it.

On Kickstarter now the Jelly project has reached the loose funding target of $ 30,000: core of the product is to produce the smallest LTE-enabled smartphone in the world. Display size: 2.45 inches (all information on Kickstarter).

Phone small smartphone size

but that comes a little too late: 2004 might have been interesting, because what I had with a former cell phone also can make? Write calling and texting. That was 2004, the most important, indeed only, applications - perhaps the calendar function. For this, lugging huge phones? Clear that in this manageable usefulness lush dimensions were rather out.

Today, the world looks quite different: The smartphone has become the center of our digital life. Today, e-mail, messenger messages, SMS, information gathering, entertainment, photos, shopping, social networks, etc. As varied as we are human beings, so diverse is the job of our mobile companion.

Admirably can argue about which size should have a smartphone. Some may not be large enough, others reject smartphones than 5.5 inch display rigorously from. But how small a smartphone be? Again, there are of course different opinions. From handed operation pocket compatibility to the question of the weight, there are some good arguments. but one thing remains the fact that the more functions in the little things stuck, the more they need to be. That's why smartphones were always greater and today the manufacturers are trying einzubaun longer display in the small package.

Opinion by Hans-Georg Kluge smartphones had greater you werden.Stimmst to? 5050557 Participants

can the study of the development of the iPhone: The first iPhone had a display with a diagonal of 3.5 inches. Only after a few generations Apple enlarged to 4 inches (the iPhone 5), but then two years later to 4.7 and 5.5 inches. Even the backward roll with the iPhone SE declined only 4 inches. Why hernehmen Apple as an example of the development of smartphone sizes? Two reasons: Firstly, the product line of iPhones is very manageable. Especially Apple, but is very good at it register existing trends and incorporate with a slight delay in its iPhone.

AndroidPIT iphone se eric 9925iPhone SE: Almost too small / © AndroidPIT

We obviously smartphone customers have now zeroed in on two orders of magnitude: Some will try at around 5 inches, the other more at around 5.5 inches and (some). These steps come as Apple used Google also opted for this step. For Samsung, this is also for some years tradition. Given the shrinking margins smartphones today are still fairly compact 5-inch display.

Jelly-Phone: Small does not work!

So why build a smartphone with a display of 2.4 inches as the Jelly? It should be the smallest LTE-enabled smartphone. Costing? Around 70 US dollars (later 109 US dollars). The spec list indicated for attention to an entry-level smartphone with limited Specs: Quad core processor with 1.1 GHz. 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory in the standard design.

jelly smartphone overviewJelly: Small but very little useful / © Jelly

Thought the jelly-Phone is a replacement for the main smartphone when a really just a portable phone is required: In sports, for example, or for the party in the evening. I might even come to use as LTE hotspot. Thanks to some apps that are not even capable devices (WhatsApp or threema for example), but the purpose of such a secondary Phones for evening tours is limited.

Opinion by Hans-Georg Kluge second smartphones are in everyday life sooner you lästig.Stimmst to? 5050510 Participants

Small smartphones have their advantages, but Jelly is too radical: There are certainly too many compromises, both in performance and in the display or memory size. Even with much goodwill there is hardly a selling point for Jelly.

Ultimately, it must be noted: The title "Smallest LTE-enabled smartphone" is pretty damn. Those looking for an everyday compact smartphone, is not happy here.

Did you use for such a small phone like the Jelly? Invested your in this crowdfunding campaign? Betray me in the comments!

Source:Kickstarter Project