android pit slows the device

I was shown my S6 that this app slows down the device. Should I uninstall the app now? 10 Error in 1 week

Ha, I just wanted to open up a thread. I also always get an error message, the app also depends more often during use. For me the way 20 errors in a week.

What's going on dear Apit team?

I've just been getting the same message. Meanwhile, I wrote this post, the app has crashed three times.

Hello everybody,

the technology is informed, we'll get back here again ��

Greeting Maestre

Dear Androidpit team
in the last 7 days your app is greased 11 times. It would be glad if you help me or a tip gebt.Ich am of a power user and would also like to nicjz it verzichten��.Gibt users with similar experiences?
Device: Galaxy s6 edge
Firmware: 5.1.1
App version: 2.6.6

Hello Constantin! I have your thread appended to talk as it deals with the same concern.

So I have no problems with the app.

The way I see it, the problem seems to only affect S6 devices.

me too
no problem

I have no problem.

Have no problems

Not a problem ...



I add times added 2 screenshots.

I have problem with the forum.
First page can be read in another app depends.
Samsung S3 with CM 13

For me, the app depends on repeatedly. Sony Xperia Z3 with Android 5.1.1

no problem for me; Wiko Darkmoon.

With me so far there is no problem
Motorola moto g falcon

However, there should be the feature that you do when you log in to the app that kreigt 5 points : D

on the Tab S2 9.7 LTE it hooks too ... :(
("not responding waiting android or close message)

Have S6 Edge plus and have so far no problems! !!

With me everything is going suppi ... is determined at s6