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Huawei has introduced the Honor 7 a new flagship brand of his daughter, which is strongly reminiscent of a shrunken Ascend Mate. 7 the Chinese manufacturer is currently preparing the update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow before and we show you the section "software" what keeps the update for Innovations for Your Honor 7 ready.

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  • &# X2713; Very good workmanship
  • &# X2713; front camera with LED flash
  • &# X2713; Fast fingerprint scanner
  • &# X2713; Very good battery life


  • &# X2715; Design was acquired by Ascend Mate 7
  • &# X2715; High weight

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Honor 7: Price and Availability

The China launch beginning in July 2015 exceeded all expectations of Honor, because the smartphone was sold out within a few minutes and a total of Honor has seen the Honor 7 within one week whopping nine million pre-orders. Inspired by this success, the Chinese smartphone brand brought the Honor 7 end of August 2015 also to Europe. then and now 349 The retail price was, - Euro.

Honor 7: Design and workmanship

The Honor 7 follows in its design language to the Huawei Ascend Mate 7, except that it is only 5.2 inches tall instead of 6 inches. The all-metal enclosure is very well made and as an accent Honor has framed the display in a polished frame.

honor 7 product shoots 9Except for small details, the design of Honor 7 corresponds to the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 / © AndroidPIT

It falls at first glance immediately that the Honor 7 is not the slimmest smartphone with a thickness of 8.5 millimeters, it is whopping 2 mm thicker than, for example, the Huawei P8 from the parent group. But the sides of Honor 7 are slightly rounded so that it is more comfortable in the hand than the flatter and more angular Huawei P8.

honor 7 product shoots 4Below the 20-MP camera, the fingerprint scanner is installed. / © AndroidPIT

On the back of virtually all-aluminum Honor 7 is located, as the Huawei Ascend 7, the fingerprint scanner, exactly in the center below the camera. Even if it looks as if the back of the Honor 7 made completely of aluminum, so there are the upper and lower part of the back slightly offset from plastic. These covers made of plastic are the antennas. This, unfortunately, to place behind aluminum is not because we could still build GSM network connections otherwise not Bluetooth, WLAN.

At the bottom are found left and right of the centrally positioned Micro-USB port more bore holes. Behind these holes course is no stereo speakers, but only a mono speaker and a microphone for phone calls.

honor 7 product shoots 2The power button is placed below the volume rocker. / © AndroidPIT

The on and off button and the volume rocker Huawei has placed on the right side. Practically, the light ribbing of the power button, so that they haptic settles some of the volume rocker. On the left side there is another button that ensures initially confusing, since one does not know exactly what this button is there. Honor has mounted a freely configurable key here, with the push of a button you can access your frequently used actions or apps. An unusual, useful feature.

honor 7 product shoots 13This button on the left side you can define freely in the settings. / © AndroidPIT

Above this key there is still a SIM card slot. This can either can hold two nano-SIM card, or a SIM card and a microSD card. This combination slots are typical of Huawei smartphones and we know them, for example, already from Huawei P8 or P8 Lite.

honor 7 product shoots 12Typical Huawei: The dual-SIM slot may alternatively accommodate a microSD card. / © AndroidPIT

Honor 7: Display

The Honor of 7 display measures 5.2 inches diagonally and triggers with Full HD, so 1,920 x 1,080 pixels on. So that the display is the same size, resolution and pixel density as the Huawei P8, but instead of the IPS NEO panels from the P8, uses the Honor 7 a conventional IPS panel, but this is not a disadvantage, because the color reproduction and brightness of the display very well are and also from oblique angles, the color reproduction remains stable.

honor 7 product shoots 6The 5.2-inch display has a resolution of Full HD and spoils the eye with very good color rendering and brightness. / © AndroidPIT

If you are not satisfied with the color rendering of the display, then there is in the settings of Honor 7 have the option to adjust the color temperature using the slider, but in my opinion the default is solved very well.

A little tip on the edge: The Honor 7 can be awaken by double tapping on the display from sleep, so similar to the knock-on feature from LG. Honor has hidden this feature deep in the settings. To activate it, you go for a Honor smartphone with EMUI 3.1 and Android 5.0.2 in settings > Gesture control, tapping tapping into the field double.

honor 7 double tapKnock-à la Honor: The Honor 7 can also wake up by double-tapping on the screen. but this feature can be activated in our motion control. / © AndroidPIT

proceed somewhat differently need your when you gain for the Honor 7 with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. In the event you go into Settings > intelligent support > Motion control and activates the wake of the smartphone by double tapping.

Honor 7: Features

The great feature of the Honor 7 is actually not new, after all, Huawei has the fingerprint scanner already in the Ascend Mate 7 installed (for testing). As with the phablet of its parent company, the scanner sits on the back and is intuitive to use.

The decor is very simple and you will out of the setup wizard through the whole procedure. Except to unlock the phone, you can also use the fingerprint scanner for the following purposes: record call answering, photo or video to stop alarm or call the Notifications panel. The latter can you call and push away again by an opposite wiping motion by swiping downward over the fingerprint scanner. Virtually all the times, otherwise you will need for this action both hands.

honor 7 fingerprint scannerThe fingerprint scanner in the Honor 7 serves not only to unlock the smartphone, but it can be triggered other functions. / © AndroidPIT

But there is another special feature of the Honor 7, namely the side assignable Quick Start button on the left side. By default, the button with HiVoice, Huawei's own voice input, occupied, but if you like, then you can change this assignment. It is even possible to start a predefined app with it.

Honor 7: Software

On the Honor 7 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop running together manufacturers essay EMUI 3.1. This is exactly the software at Huawei P8. This is not surprising, because after all Honor is the second brand of Huawei and so it is logical to use the same basis for the software. As distinction Honor has created matching the color of Honor 7, own themes. In our case, all the software with golden accents and icons shone.

All special features of Huawei's EMUI manufacturers essay you can watch again to heart, so I will spare you here in the test of the Huawei P8. But a tip I want you not withhold: If you want to install an alternative launcher, such as the Google Now Launcher, then unfortunately not enough pure download and install the launcher, but you must live in settings > Manage apps click the App default settings and then go in there in overview. Only here you can activate an alternative launcher.

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honor switch 7 launcherto use an alternate launcher on the Honor 7, is not easy. You have to dive deep into the App management. / © AndroidPIT

Honor 7 with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and EMUI 4.0

Currently can try Honor 6.0 marshmallow by a small group of beta testers the update to Android. Also, we were able to download the beta version on our Honor 7 and install it. The installed by us beta release has version number B313, based on Android 6.0 and inverts the output Herstelle set EMUI in version 4.0 over it.

Honor Android 7 6 0 marshmallow 2The beta of Android 6.0 Marshmallow for the Honor 7 is currently being tested by some users. / © AndroidPIT

Since there is no final version, there are still bugs and it still lacks some important features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. A missing feature in Android 6.0 Beta for Honor 7 is Google Now on Tap. This smart extension of Google Now can still enter in the settings, but the function can not be released. Also missing the opportunity to merge the SD card to the internal memory in the current beta.

Honor 7 6 0 Android marshmallowGoogle Now on Tap can be activated, but do not use the Android 6.0 Beta on the Honor seventh / © AndroidPIT

For this, however, the power saving function Doze of Android 6.0 with this beta version for the Honor 7 can be played. Just like the recently tested Huawei Mate 8 operating system sends all unnecessary apps into deep sleep standby, so they do not continue to run and consume electricity. To each app still manually release the authorization, you need only in the settings > Apps > Advanced and go there on ignore optimization. From the following list of apps that you can escape the power-saving optimization again themselves.

Honor 7 6 0 Android marshmallow DozeThe Android 6.0 feature Doze can you ignore for any app disable in Settings under optimization. / © AndroidPIT

Of course, keep up with the update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow for the Honor 7 a few cosmetic changes in EMUI and app extensions feeder. Especially if you go into the settings, you realize that much has been rearranged here and -gruppiert. But with a little time to get used to the new arrangement in the settings.

The camera app gets the update a manual mode in which you can then determine settings for exposure, ISO value, shutter speed and white balance yourself. In the address book will be generated in each case a separate QR code for contacts with the update, so you can pass them.

Honor 7 6 0 Android marshmallow cameraWith the update to Android 6.0 and 4.0 EMUI the camera app of Honor 7 is also a manual mode. / © AndroidPIT

Nor is there in the Android 6.0 Marshmallow Beta for the Honor 7 some bugs and errors. As reported in numerous forums of late push notifications, voice control will no longer function and some users complain about increased memory consumption. On my Honor 7 with the beta I could these problems do not notice, but once the final update is published, we will Honor the 7 again to heart and make sure that the bugs have been turned off.

Honor 7: Performance

As Huawei subsidiary Firmer Honor of course access to the hotel's own Kirin processors. In Honor 7 of the Kirin 935, an octa-core processor connected. Four of the eight cores clocked at 2.2 GHz and the remaining four cores running at 1.5 GHz. The processor are 3 GB of memory to the side. In our performance tests, we can only comment on Honor 7 64 GB, because we is only this version.

In everyday life, the hardware does a good job, because apps launch quickly and also through the surface of the Honor flies 7 only way through. But from time to interfere in the EMUI slight stuttering, even if these are only minimal and hardly noticeable. Graphically rich games like Dead Trigger 2, Asphalt 8, and Real Racing 3 running on the Honor 7 in the test liquid and without problems.

Honor 7 benchmarkHonor 7 in AnTuTu Benchmark: Good performance, but not top class. / © AndroidPIT

But what about the raw numbers? The Honor 7 creates in AnTuTu Benchmark stable at around 45,000 points and thus it is slower than the Huawei P8 (for testing). Strange that's because of the Kirin 935 runs in Honor 7 with a slightly higher clock rate than the sister model. But nevertheless the Honor 7 is provided with more than enough power to handle the normal smartphone everyday.

Honor 7: Audio

From the pure in appearance one can believe that the Honor 7 has in the lower housing frame via a loudspeaker, but this is not so. In the test of Honor 7 has been shown that a speaker is only in the left-bottom equipment. But even if it is only a mono speaker, so this is to accompany more than sufficient to output music, games or even to accompany YouTube videos audio other.

honor 7 product shootsDo not be fooled, because the Honor 7 has no stereo speakers. / © AndroidPIT

When the voice quality, everything is in the green zone, because even in difficult noise environments such as the subway, on the road and other noisy environments, there was the part of my interlocutors no complaints. I also could understand my interlocutor very well.

Honor 7: Camera

The main camera of Honor 7 shooting photos with a maximum of 20 megapixels. The autofocus system works here with the faster phase detection, instead of the contrast system. For selfies is an 8-megapixel front camera available that is designed to ensure good pictures in the dark or in low light conditions thanks to an LED flash. So here again we see the Honor 7 a small but fine detail that is not self-evident as in the current market.

honor 7 product shoots 7Pixelmonster on the back: the 20-megapixel main camera. / © AndroidPIT

Of course these are all just data, but how good is the camera in reality? The phase autofocus is a lot going and ensures that the subject is in focus quickly. Like the Huawei P8 numerous shooting modes in Honor 7 available. Besides normal photos and videos - the latter can be a maximum recorded with full HD - are following modes: Beautify, good food and light painting. The most interesting thing here is the latter mode, because here the picture is repeatedly exposed, so you can paint, for example, words or graphics with a lamp. Unfortunately, you have thus needs more exercise and Honor 7 needs to place stable with a tripod. Freehand take a light painting, is not recommended.

honor 7 product shoots 3The 8-megapixel camera in the front can take good pictures even in the dark thanks to LED flash (right next to the speaker). / © AndroidPIT

The photo quality is very good at Honor 7, only in low light, the images captured just a little with the sound on. The same can be said from the front camera, the LED can be a little brighten the selfies here. But picture is worth a thousand words, so you should you look at the test images, which can be seen below in the gallery.

test images honor 7>GalleryHonor 7 in the test: Test Images

Honor 7: Battery

On the battery side Huawei / Honor plays again his strength and equips the Honor of 7 with a 3,100 mAh battery. With this battery, the Honor 7 held loosely 18 hours in which I had numerous phone calls, e-mails called away, rummaged through the Internet and shot pictures at my usage. The Honor 7 thus proving that it actually get the battery wonder genes of the Ascend Mate 7 inherited, even if its battery is of course once again larger 1,000 mAh. Therefore, I can put all my heart Honor 7 who wants to have a long-distance runner as a smartphone.

Honor 7: Specifications

Dimensions:Mass:Battery capacity:Display size:Display Technology:Screen:Front camera:Rear camera:Lightning:Android:User interface:R.A.M:Internal memory:Removable storage:chipset:Number of cores:Max. Frequency:connectivity:
143.2 x 71.9 x 8.5 mm
157 g
3100 mAh
5.2 inches
1920 x 1080 pixels (424 ppi)
8 megapixels
20 megapixels
5.0 - Lollipop
emotion UI
3 GB
16 GB
64 GB
HiSilicon Kirin 935
HSPA, LTE, dual-SIM, Bluetooth 4.1

final verdict

The Honor 7 would also good in the film "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" can play. Huawei's subsidiary is the shrinking of the Ascend Mate 7 very well done and the way it has the 5.2-inch all-metal smartphone donated an extensive hardware update includes some interesting features. Even after completion of the test, the Honor 7 leaves a great impression.

The processing and feel right. The camera is fast and takes good pictures, even when rushing to start the images easily in low light conditions. The fingerprint scanner is fast and the detection rate is excellent. Actually, there is nothing to complain about at the Honor 7, except that the design is not exceptionally new.

Where to buy the Honor 7

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Honor 7

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