Error 504 at initial powering


Maybe someone can help me.
I bought today, the Samsung Tab A 9.7.
When switched on, logged in with my existing account with the Google account.
After signing up for Google I wanted to install my app were provided.
Error 504 and prior to any installation, the message from the smart manager (the logs every 2 minutes and can not be turned off) that too little space is available. but when I open it it says free 11 GB!
My attempts:
Google play: cache / memory emptied service stops reboot. Same mistake
Factory Reset. Same mistake
No matter which app I want to install nothing goes.
What else can I do? Except to go to Media Markt and which cut the part around the ears ...
delete the Google account I do not trust myself. According to report, it deletes all the data (contacts, calendar, etc.).
Thanks for info !!!

Hello Susanne Kuschel,

Welcome to the forum (*)

I've moved your thread in the appropriate area.

Exchange order. That's a No NEM new device and promises nothing good.

Here's a quick guide:


(Laughing) The Holzhammer- method. (Laughing)
But agrees if that does not work, back to the store!