Video shows unofficial iMessage for Android

finally comes the iMessage client for Android? A video has surfaced that will show a customized Android client for Apple's intelligence service in action. The client is iMessageForAll and is still in early beta stage.

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Apple's iMessage messaging service is one of the best features of the iPhone. The client switches seamlessly between the end-to-end encrypted Internet communication and SMS conversation in a chat window. Pretty much everyone with an Apple account uses the service. It is fully integrated into the Apple ecosystem and can be used on all devices with the bitten apple. This means that you can write with all connected devices and SMS.

This bridge succeed no single Android app and Google was Hangouts although close, was the messenger but never developed to the point that he keeps up with iMessage; especially in terms of popularity. So from WWDC WWDC to the wish was bigger that Apple finally introduces to its developers Mass iMessage for Android.

iMessage for Android: The beta begins

Every now and then make independent developers to work and make unofficial clients that can connect to the Android device with iMessage. The most recent project is iMessageForAll and is available as a closed beta for free. However, you need the commitment of the developer and should a Reddit account have since then is asked at registration.

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imessageforall Imgur betaiMessage for Android looks like the Google Messenger. / © moomanjohnny2

The client is still in an early stage and have not works with Apple's iMessage servers. Instead, you shall one iMessage server with an iPhone or an Apple computer host (or a Mac VM) and build the links above.

  • Official presentation of iMessageForAll

The release of iMessageForAll is scheduled for spring 2017 and the client should still remain free. Reddit users react enthusiastically on the project, but ask the obvious question: "As you stand one on the injunction from Apple?" "Frankly I do not know", The developer says. So Imagine a fact that the project could be stifled just after his birth by Apple. Then you will not find it at least in the Play Store.

  • Pursuing the project on Twitter
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As you stand on the project? Do you think it is realistic that Apple will not tolerate this app? Or Apple will not let the selling point for their products away and stop the project early? Or whatever reason you can imagine, Apple puts forward against iMessage for Android? like to discuss the issue with other users and us in the comments.

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