The best news apps for Android

Well informed with the smartphone: Whether as a ticker apps, news apps, or simply as Tagesschau pocket-sized, this news apps for Android bring news on your smartphone. Update: These are your favorite news apps.

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The recommendations of the reader AndroidPIT

  • daily News
  • Mirror online
  • n-tv
  • time online
  • Southgerman newspaper
  • Focus online

These are the favorite news apps in the AndroidPIT reader

We asked you which are the best news apps for Android and in the first place you have the app by Spiegel Online selected (24 percent). Second place was secured with 19 percent of the app n-tv, close behind with 17 per cent came from the App Focus Online. The survey was conducted in early 2016, there were 667 votes cast.

SPIEGEL ONLINE - NewsInstall on Google Playn-tv newsInstall on Google PlayFOCUS Online - NewsInstall on Google Play

The best news apps: The offer has to be right

The printed newspaper is dead, long live the smartphone: Many publishers offer their content to online. But the commuter pleased until he can read offline. And properly informed only if one is also kept up to date, without having to constantly look you feel. The following apps provide for the right functions, which is why we are one of the best news apps for Android.

All apps have been rated at least an average of 4.0 stars in the Play Store and downloaded over 100,000 times. We do not sit down with the content of the messages apart, but look how an app is technically successful and whether their implementation adds value to the site. This often consists of an offline mode and the use of push notifications. Whether they are present in the respective app, you can learn the detailed descriptions of the apps.

The best news apps: Tagesschau app for Android

The news app of the evening news broadcasts on request push notifications for breaking news. The content is free or charge or financed and free of advertising. Besides texts, the news app for Android Tagesschau offers several video and Audio Files, as you know well from television. Dossiers provide long, thorough background reports on focus topics. The thematic focus is entirely on politics and culture; Sports topics are only very sporadically in the app. The offline mode hides in the right edge; pushes the gear top right of the article and then on the star. Then you can the stored items in the second overview page of the home screen call.

tagesschau app home menu deThe offline mode of the evening news app is something hidden and not available everywhere. / © AndroidPITTagesschau 1.8Install on Google Play

The best news apps: Spiegel Online for Android

In the Mirror app, the offline mode, the Pack urges formally,&is called Go. This article invites with all the pictures in your internal memory so that you, you can enjoy a quiet read the articles stored in the underground, if your reception is not good. Of course, the news app for Android the mirror has the ability to keep you updated notifications to date when a new message has been published in a resort. A night's sleep function of the news app suppresses alerts at specified times by the user. The departmental breakdown in the mirror app significantly more successful than in the daily news app.

SPIEGEL APP HOME MENU DEWhen setting up the Mirror app offline mode and notifications take precedence. / © AndroidPITSPIEGEL ONLINE - NewsInstall on Google Play

The best news apps: NTV app for Android

The NTV app offers an offline function. This can already be accessed via the article overview by pressing on the title of the article a long time. The stored items then calls you to visit the Download to go. Also offers the news app for Android by NTV wiping gestures on the leads quickly from one to the next article. Notifications can be turned on at the resort, also in this news app. You can specify an idle time in which you want to display notifications. The archive search is done quickly and the multimedia search results are presented beautifully and look like a separate topic page.

NTV APP HOME MENU DEIn the news app of NTV you reach the offline mode easiest. / © AndroidPITn-tv newsInstall on Google Play

The best news apps: Time Online for Android

Even the time online app asks you how even the Mirror app, right at the beginning if you want to be notified of incoming breaking news immediately. At the site of a page, a title image is visible at the other apps in the news app of time online is to see a large banner. The app is kept considerably minimalist than the news apps for Android by Spiegel Online or n-tv and does not provide offline functionality and less total imaged. The search, however, works quickly and easily in this news app, similar to Spiegel Online.

TIME APP HOME MENU DETime online has the most intrusive advertising, but only about the articles. / © AndroidPITTIME ONLINE - NewsInstall on Google Play

The best news apps: Süddeutsche Zeitung for Android

The News App Sueddeutsche Zeitung selects a minimally different design approach and brings up a floating menu items if your wipes down briefly. Your typed in this news app on the star, the article ends up with the Held articles. It is stored offline items that are found in its list. Unfortunately, the news app for Android Sueddeutsche Zeitung does not offer the ability to notify you automatically about the latest reports, which can be an advantage if you reject this feature anyway.

SZ APP HOME MENU DEThe Sueddeutsche relies on floating menus. / © - NewsInstall on Google Play

The best news apps: Focus Online for Android

The news app by Focus Online offers by far the best management for push notifications. Only here the main switch and the departmental selection is displayed on a single page. The remaining layout is similar to the other news apps for Android: A star icon indicates that you added the item to your favorites that can you read them later offline. You can find the offline messages as the top category in My News. The focus content are similar kept multimedia as that of NTV.

focus APP HOME MENU DEFocus dynamically adjusts the topics selection of the day's events. / © AndroidPITFOCUS Online - NewsInstall on Google Play