AnTuTu chooses the fastest Android smartphones in 2016

The Chinese benchmark app developers AnTuTu has now named the fastest smartphone of the year 2016th The two Apple iPhones, to secure the first places while the remaining eight spots Android smartphones secure.

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  • AnTuTu honors the 10 fastest smartphones the first half of 2016

My new favorite phone - which you would have liked?

Choose OnePlus 5 or Moto G5 plus.

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Each quarter and shortly after a year has been completed, the benchmark provider AnTuTu takes stock and presents the top 10 list of the fastest smartphones last year. Now AnTuTu has named the ten fastest smartphones of the year 2016, are at the head of the two current Apple iPhone. The iPhone 7 Plus and the smaller iPhone with Apple's 7-A10 Fusion processor outclass the rankings while all Android smartphones.

The remaining eight places in the category Fastest Smartphone 2016 are distributed exclusively on smartphones from Chinese manufacturers, as you can see the graph. Allen smartphone is common while the processor manufacturers, because these are all made by Qualcomm. OnePlus has three equally represented twice with the Snapdragon 821 befeuertem 3T and equipped with SD820 OnePlus as Xiaomi Mi with the 5s and Mi 5S Plus (both with SD821 SoC).

Top Smartphone 2016Be considered Apple's iPhone with iOS, then the iPhone dominate 7 and 7 plus the top 10 list. / © AnTuTu

But if one compares only Android smartphones, then slip at No. 9 and 10 have the two Google phones pixels in the top 10. Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are not to be found in both rankings. The Galaxy Note 7 might have had the potential, but for unknown reasons, the South Korean phablet was not included in the ranking.

Top Smartphone 2016 1Without Apple's iPhone, the Google pixels and pixel XL slip into the top 10 list. / © AnTuTu

One can argue about glorious sense and nonsense of benchmarks. Even in the AndroidPIT editors there are different points of view. While representing a the view that benchmarks to establish the comparability of different systems, others argue in turn that the comparability via benchmarks are not descriptive enough. the manufacturers of smartphones are also to blame in part, because there are ways to detect such test applications and optimize performance accordingly for the test.

As you stand on the subject benchmarks? These are still meaningful and should continue to be part of our reviews? Or are you of the opinion that the times of the benchmarks are over? Send us your thoughts in the comments and let us discuss together.