News + | Google News RSS Reader: Minimalist and super-functional – Android Apps in the test

With a news reader app as you will always be up to date. Since the closure of Google Reader's new good reader apps are added constantly. The developers of the gReaders have launched with News + yet another application. We tested it and show you the strengths of the app as well as the differences to gReader.

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  • screen & service
  • speed & stability
  • Price-performance
  • final verdict
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features & Use

News + makes a solid impression at first glance. Without appropriate extensions, you see only once any news. The Google News are selected by default and with a nod to Extensions up in the small riders can you feed readers import that you have used your past. Caution: In the free version of News + is merely an extension allowed. Will you feed imported from several readers, you have to buy the Pro version.

news plus screenshot1Clearly with many extensions available. / © AndroidPIT

Currently, the following extensions are available: Feedly, Tiny Tiny RSS, Bazqux Reader, InoReader, FeedBin, Newsblur + Pocket +, CommaFeed, SubReader and Reedah. Most extensions will get your through a download of an additional application from the Google Play Store. With others, you will be redirected to a website where you can enter you to the appropriate account.

news plus screenshot2Extensions you will receive, for example, the Google Play store. / © AndroidPIT

The import my Feedly collection is done quickly and runs smoothly. The Google account are all my news sources including folders in News + integrated. With a swipe to the right you reach the current and unread feeds. The view changes you about the small overflow menu on the bottom left. In addition to the pure Feed View You can also view feeds and tags. In the article list, there is next to a grid view with small thumbnails and the Listenfunktion.Was I very much welcome personally: You can turn off the detailed list and so get in the news stream all the way to the old Google Reader Type a list of headings without further information and teaser texts. Who wants to fly over only fast even know what everything is got in on new headlines, we obtain a better overview. If necessary, you can also specify whether the product right the scrolling to be marked as read. For sorting is also provided, either to feed the newest or oldest items first.

news plus screenshot3The view settings are extremely practical. / © AndroidPIT

Favorite items can be marked even before reading the same over the little asterisk. The "read status" can be adjusted manually using the small checkbox behind each item. On the small plus sign up your looks for feeds that you still want to subscribe, either by the subject or directly to a URL. Then the new feed will appear in the overview. With a long finger Does your points to a folder and puts tags fixed. Other feeds into other folders can be edited in this way very quickly and easily, quit and move.

news plus Screenshot4New feeds can be added easily. / © AndroidPIT

Have you called an article, this is shown in the mobile view, and you can perform various options. In addition to the favorite mark because there are also a great feature: the Voice Reader. So you let you read the selected item. Note: The free version only the teaser will be read, your needs for the entire text of an article in the speech the paid Pro version. Besides the usual parts of functions are available in News + nor an extra menu item in each article. You can translate it or send to Readability, Pocket or Instapaper contribution.

The "R" bottom right allows you to read the entire article on the mobile website or directly in News +. Use the arrows left and right you jump easily to the last and the next article. In addition, images can be displayed on the overflow menu, you can add tags and save the page for later. The offline feature is generally well done. You can find your saved pages under the appropriate menu item on the tab on your feeds. Also downloads are possible, which can manage your same place. It also allows you to sort your News + sources. What feeds and news sources are in which folder can be viewed and changed here with a few taps.

news plus Screenshot5Manage resources quickly and easily. / © AndroidPIT

In the settings you expect a lot of interesting options. Whether synchronization or offline reading, notifications and settings to the cache. News + has many features that you can set up your news reader optimal. In addition to four different themes to shortcuts can define functions of keys otherwise and adjust the controls individually. Everything can also be backed up and restored. Update intervals You put itself firmly as needed and your determined the location for downloaded content. Shipyard in any case a look at the settings, because here there is more than one could write in this review.

news plus screenshot6The settings menu is nothing to sneeze at! / © AndroidPIT

What are the differences to gReader?

The design of News + is hardly different from gReader. But there are some features that are new, for example, in already brought Google News extension. This includes, among other things, the multi-language support. Typed your Google News on the small globe next to the magnifying glass, you can select a region or a country of which want to receive your messages. A gain is that you can access additional articles on the topic in a Google News-message with a tip on "more". In addition, the search has been improved and now still works better for your keywords. Other larger and smaller information and news gReader + provide the developer the way, on its website.

screen & service

The design of News + is very simple. Nevertheless, here hide a lot of features and the app as a whole is very compact and functional. News + offers an intuitive operation; Folders, tags and subscription lists are created quickly and sorted. The toolbar at the bottom gives access to the main functions, namely the synchronization, the mark for read and unread items and display settings.

Widgets there is so far neither in Gratis- in the Pro version. but the developers are already working. The app makes way also on the tablet very well and makes for a pleasant reading feeling. The synchronization of read and marked texts between two devices work also easily in the test.

news plus screenshot7Also on the tablet can convince + News. / © AndroidPIT

speed & stability

Throughout the trial period News + very reliable and stable running. All items including images loaded quickly and could be accessed at the appropriate settings offline again.


As mentioned costs the Pro version with advanced features 3.99 euros. The tested here free version only allows an extension and includes a small banner at the bottom of the display. With the premium version you come not only to enjoy the full voice reader function, but also supports developers.

final verdict

News + is a solid feed reader who harbors with minimalist design Big in itself. Besides the very good offline feature especially managing the sources makes a lot of joy in this simple tool. Who wants to switch from a news reader such as Feedly and its feeds would like to have on hand in a format similar to the now defunct Google Reader as an app on your phone again, is well advised with news +. The simple design is as impressive as the extensive settings menu and the reliability of the synchronization in the configured intervals.

News + | Google News RSS ReaderInstall on Google Play