Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – device to restart not unlock possible – Keyboard is not enabled – Help!

Hello Forum,

I have the following, significant problem:
Yesterday installed new update, since quite a common app-trailer, but worked.
Today written a text message, as typed on Smilysymbol, screen freeze, then the following error message in a loop:
"Samsung keyboard was repeated stops"
Button: Pause X app

Device restart, input pin. Unlock Screen fingerprint impossible message:
"Your Geät has been restarted and has to be unlocked with your password (...)"

but Password I can not enter because there is no keyboard appears.

About google account "Find my device" there is only the option of the unit to LOCK but not to UNLOCK

Samsung account login currently not possible (error message: An error occurred while processing the requested page.
Please try again later. [500])

I really do not, try since noon today the shit part to unlock ...

Does anyone have a hint?

Oh and off can not be it should also not care how long I press the power button ...

Thanks in advance for any tip!

Hello Yari,

Welcome to the forum (*)

boats to the recovery and make there a wipe at Cache and Dalvik Cache.

Hi I have the same problem, come nowhere purely because my display is password protected. Always appears Samsung keyboard is repeated completed
Close x app. Please urgent help.

Hi try it out downloading a new firmware via SamMobile and draufzuflashen

Please what???

Are there simple useful solutions ???

tried Lauter + home + power button to boot into recovery, wipe cache partition perform there, that does not help then wipe data factory reset, but attention be lost your data

Went to recovery and I "wipe cache partition" executed. after that I have "reboot system now" carried out and nothing happened. Keyboard still has not been displayed. Did then the "ADB" carried out and any previously loaded ADB program on the PC, which should connect the S6 via USB to the PC ... no idea what I did there !? It took a while when I was in the mode ADB and I can not say whether there is anything happened, but at some point the S6 rebooted. still not left. Am again in the recovery and have again "reboot system now" carried out and behold the Samsung keyboard appeared after I entered the PIN, and had unlocked with the fingerprint ... so I could enter the password and fully unlock.
I have no idea what has now finally helped if it had something to do with the ADB mode, or 2malige perform the reboot? In any case, it works again now.
Thanks to all who have given tips here !!!