[Video] The botched penis joke from Microsoft


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Often one hears that "any advertising good advertising" is because it is important, especially in the hard (internet) corporate world that is talked about one, no matter whether that's just a good thing or a bad thing. Microsoft seems this is currently likely to see something different, because for a few days, the company makes, thanks to a rather embarrassing appearance the rounds of the social networks.

On the recently held developer conference in Oslo, Microsoft decided to make a different way to be and their cloud platform Azure attention. To really win all the attention of the audience for himself, was seized deep into their bag of tricks to pull a guarantee of compliance: girls in skimpy clothes, that bounce around the stage. For this, a pounding techno anthem, to which the dancers shake so pretty much everything they have. All this would be even to cope with, were it not for the text to be spoken about the monotonous beat and is additionally also be read on the screen. Here the words that can be heard from 1:16 minutes and read:

The Words "Micro" and "Soft" do not apply to my penis (or vagina)

(Video Link)

Wow, that was definitely literally in the pants. This looks and Microsoft so that find the whole thing anything other than funny. Communications director Frank Shaw apologized via Twitter over the failed appearance and also announced that an internal investigation of the matter would go to the bottom. On the Internet, the video is anyway. Oh, delicious.