Samsung Galaxy S5 – Wallpaper does not fit on the screen

Hey ho!

I have since yesterday my S5, and unfortunately just one problem with it. And if I put any Full HD image as wallpaper, it's totally adjusted. Say the right (in the Home Screen) or left on the second screen page is missing one piece each. Here you can see it quite well:


What could be the problem? does not affect the blocking image as everything goes. And the standard wallpaper that are going well without problems. The images are indeed suitable for the S5, that is 1080x1920. Have tried it with about 10 images, and in between reboots my phone. Latest version is on it. but have Phoenix Rome on it.

Does anyone know remedy? Thank you in advance :/


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I'm now not sure but think I have ever seen, select the wallpaper that goes beyond the home screen when switches with. If I am not mistaken you could set the wallpaper that is fixed and does not move and thus is then better adapted or adjusted perfectly, because it can not with switches.

I hope you understand what I mean.


Well, I know this option from other devices. I'm either blind or stupid? Is not there this option when S5? Have just searched all:<

Do you use an external launcher? Then you have to because after looking Option ...

Stefan Z.

Do you use an external launcher? Then you have to because after looking Option ...

Is that right is not noticed because he could find it, possibly

Yes the Action Launcher. But thought would not matter because I have looked in the general. Settings, there's no difference. I watch the same times, thank you ^^

Fact, now it is. Knew there just not, use the Action Launcher with any cell phone, there has never been the problem. Many thanks (:

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