Rayman Adventures – so good, a Jump ‘n’ Run for Android

Rayman want's to know again and plunges into Rayman Adventures in a new ... adventure. The geared Although heavily to his former Mobile appearances Rayman Fiesta Run and Rayman Jungle Run, but is also ready with some fresh features. Whether that enrich the gameplay or not, you can learn in the test.

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Rayman Adventures - As colorful as ever

The Jump 'n' Run Hero Rayman Ubisoft once served only as a namesake for wacky rabbit adventure (Rayman Raving Rabbids), with the ingenious Rayman Origins and even better Rayman Legends, he celebrated several years ago but a brilliant comeback. Also on mobile platforms it is prominet represented with Rayman Adventures this success story will be continued.

At first glance, has not changed much in the Free2Play game. It still is a 2D platformer and the graphics are almost the same. Both should not be understood as a criticism, especially in regard to the presentation. Rayman Adventures looks awesome, and simply out beautifully!

It is this attention to detail that can be admired in every nook and cranny in the varied levels. Often we wish a little more time to simply enjoy the great graphics. The slightly advanced control makes it possible to happiness.

Rayman Adventures 1The graphics are just beautiful even with Rayman Adventures. / © Ubisoft AndroidPIT

Here's something to discover

Also Rayman Adventures for Android is a very fast game. When the little hero so first is under way and the player via touch controls at the right time jumps, climbs and knocks down enemies, there is a special "flow". Rayman runs in his new adventure but not stubborn from left to right. He can now look around more throughout the levels and times to run back to a portion around a hidden extras to locate. This is overall a nice addition and so the player feels a little more freely.

This freedom is necessary because many tasks of Rayman demand that he look around more. So there is not only missions in the style of "run to the end of the level, and save someone," but also small puzzle missions where something has to be found specific.

The variety is generally very large and the developers have been noticeably effort to offer something new and experienced Rayman fans. Unfortunately, many levels are relatively quickly over. The short time can still extend at least through the free play of little helpers and various extras. If the developers but already working on a DLC, they might like to include a little longer passages like Rayman Origins.

Here you are able to download Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures2Control goes well out of hand, and the freedom of movement is now larger. / © Ubisoft AndroidPIT


Also Rayman's latest mobile prank has become a both an optical and playful enjoyment. Vast differences from the previous games for Android, there is not, admittedly, due to more freedom of movement and a great level design the game but does not look like an inflated DLC.

Who had so much fun with Rayman Fiesta Run and Rayman Jungle Run, will come fully even with Rayman Adventures at his expense. The game is also a clear recommendation to all fans of brisk Jump 'n' Run and simply beautiful android games.

  • Tested with: Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 (test)
  • Price: Free2Play (with in-game purchases)
  • Players: 1
  • Requires Android 4.1 or higher
  • Size: 382 MB
  • Systems: Android tablets, Android smartphones
  • Language: German texts
  • USK: No age restriction