Google Nexus 5 – Google LG nexus5 hangs at boot

My Nexus 5 depends Logo for the Android version. I have Android 6.0.1 wanted mr under load me an update to 6.0.2 after it has installed, it has restarted (yet everything is normal) but then it is only the Android version logo.
The battery can not lie, which the was full. And aloud bootloop everything is OK ..
I need your help!
Thank you!

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I have exactly the same problem.
Factory Reset does not go also. always get the message E: failed to mount

No idea how you come to an update to 6.0.2, but the latest version is currently still 6.0.1 ;)

I would invite my full floor Rome down and re-flash.

So sorry for me there was no update to 6.0.2.
It has just started now and reboot too new. This went on for 3 days. Now it's just.
New to flash I've tried, but I can not make it to Unlock the bootloader. Once I do, is there unlocked but after every reboot of the boot loader, is back Locked.Flashvorgang is therefore not

Can it be that the power button depends? Is a known issue.

Power button works.

Yes, but is perhaps triggered by the reboot.

And that your bootloader can not be unlock, which seems strange to me.

My main problem is that I can not unlock the bootloader. So I can play anything

The Unlock deletes all your device, so backupn.
If it does not work is normal rather the case that: You have not the correct USB driver, USB debugging is not enabled, the RSA key is not authenticated, or fastboot / adb not properly installed / understood.

the firmware flash new.
a link to a Flash tool that I find here very well.

@ Dänu
1. Driver is intalliert
2. Enable debugging is not USB, as the mobile phone not to boot up.
3. fastboot / adb's all because the unlock command does so (However, it is locked after a reboot again)

@Kelly R.
flash firmware
Do not come into the download mode (phone completely off, hold Volume Up + USB quieter in) First comes a battery charging sign with a flash, and remains, the battery icon without flash. When Windows an MTP USB device appears (LG drivers are installed, of course)

You write but before that you can not unlock the bootloader, why do you say now that fastboot goes and the unlock command is working ?? (Smug) :?

Fastboot works correctly if you
"fastboot devices"
can enter and then the serial number of your device is displayed.

If I fastboot devices text box that then the serial number is displayed.
When I type device unlock, then I have to confirm the unlock on the phone and it is unlocked lock state.
But if I want flashing back it now, then he rebooted briefly in the boot loader and it is locked again

Look at the thread.

So the behavior of your device is NOT NORMAL.

I have this exact behavior as in your link.
Well, looks as if the memory chip would be over

Good Morning all,

I am hanging here even think about it, although my problems with the N5 are even greater than those described previously.
With me on the N5 I installed omnirom and wanted to upgrade to the omnirom It had worked well so far; but unfortunately I could not access my photos. After installing 6.0.1 I have, as always, done a wipe of Dalvik cache. Then I wanted to go back to the; here seems to be then something went wrong (but definitely not formatted), because when I tried to boot the system I have received the message that "no os installed" (Do not do it for the first time, and this had worked in the past always easy). Result: N5 goes not high and I can only get into the TWRP. Factory reset is not and does not work ADB sideload too. In TWRP I can not connect to the PC (Windows 8, Linux Mint); Drivers are on it but the device does not appear as N5 and recognized. I can my internal memory still see but not access it. I have still a chance that should get back and there is a possibility in TWRP mode on the N5 access (to easily install an image-file draufzuspielen and new new rooten or). imageimageimage

Thank you in advance!

bye Bye

I had forgotten this photo.


no ready solution?:(