Android apps on the PC: With these methods it works

Who wants to use Android apps on the PC, for which there are several possibilities: We compared the best methods for you to use Android on a PC. updateWe have put the article up to date and Remix OS and tried the player.

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AMIDuOS 2.0 brings a complete Android 5.1 Lollipop, with an extra-to-install Play Store on your Windows PC - whether Windows 7, 8 or 10. The first 30 days are free, after costs a lifetime valid license once 14 euros.

AMI "thousands of apps fully tested" and continuous updates to ensure that newer Android apps launch without any problems on the PC. 3D acceleration also makes Android games on the PC faster. You can even use your gamepad with AMIDuOS.

AMIDuOS emulates a full Android tablet with home screen settings, sensors and touchscreen. Your Android apps can you PC in full screen or display window. The shared clipboard lets you copy and paste on the PC in the Android emulator and vice versa texts. A common file system allows that you access from the emulated Android device on the PC hard drive and vice versa.

In the field test on a Core i7 laptop with 8GB of RAM AmiDuOS runs fast and reliable. The decor is simple and the installation of the Play Store works very simply in a Windows system. You just have to right-click and select the shortcut menu Open in AMIDuOS the ZIP file with the Google apps. Here you come to the official instructions.

but we also met difficulties: So the emulator did not recognize our keyboard and used an English keyboard layout - Gift for entering longer texts. In addition, the software keyboard has never hidden despite input with a hardware keyboard.

The user interface was not adapted for use on desktop computers with a mouse and keyboard. Instead, the surface acts as the standard interface of Android for tablets. Changes to the interface have the emulator but well done. Remix OS (below) has solved this elegant and summarily copied to the Windows 10 interface. This should perhaps be solved with a preinstalled launcher similar AMIDuOS. AMI spokesman Luke Lappala has already passed the proposal to the development department - even a year later, there are here but no movement.

amiduos andoird emulatorAmiDuOS with simple tablet surface / © Screenshot: AndroidPIT

Another problem there was when playing full-screen media in AMIDuOS: Similar to the software keyboard and the mouse cursor has never hidden and disturbed in full screen mode. The video playback will total not made a lot of fun because HD content from Netflix when upscaling the laptop resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels were not smoothed. Thus a clearly visible jaggies emerged. The YouTube app has played on another laptop no full HD streams.

You can in AMIDuOS hold individual apps in the app selection and pull pin to Windows on the lettering and so adhere to the Windows 10 menu. This icon can you also pin to your Quick Launch bar. So you get directly to the Android app that wanted to run your Windows and you've actually installed throughout the emulator.

The bottom line, however AMIDuOS does exactly what to expect. The emulator can be set up very quickly. It supports the Play Store and the important Android apps can be run with it in Windows. You can even launch it by linking directly from within Windows, making the transition between Windows and Android apps seamlessly designed - to the full start of the emulator and the app but it takes a few seconds. The speed of AMIDuOS was excellent on the test system - apart from the crash - and resource consumption is less than 300 MB of RAM in very moderate.

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The once supported by processor manufacturer AMD Android emulator BlueStacks has been around since the end of 2011 and the developers have gained during this time a lot of experience in Android on the PC. As basic systems either Windows or macOS used. BlueStacks describes himself as "App Player",

Configuration is done via installer. then starts BlueStacks and logs you into your Google Account. BlueStacks used 4.4.2 Kitkat to emulate the way the Android elderly Android. BlueStacks pretends to be a tablet and shows after starting a home screen on to which the installed and recommended apps can be found.

final bstSnapshot 90561The home screen of BlueStacks / © Screenshot: AndroidPIT

A navigation bar at the top is used for navigation. There you switch to Windows-style between apps and calls the home screen. Between home screens you change where your clicks the mouse, hold fast the key and then dragging the cursor to the right or left. Pure touchpad operation is therefore somewhat awkward.

blue stacks homeThe old BlueStacks homescreen, which still is used in the Mac version. / © AndroidPIT

BlueStacks urges the hardware of a computer entirely. When switching between apps and home screen puts the emulator like even a pause for thought. Will you gamble games with BlueStacks, it pays to have a separate graphics chip, because the integrated graphics solution sometimes is not enough - on a MacBook led not display errors.

BlueStacks is financed either sponsored apps, advertising or a premium membership, which costs $ 48 a year and the advertising removed in the emulator.

Between the Windows and Mac version, there are striking differences. The Mac version has an older user interface, the task bar at the top of the display does not exist. Games were not executable on a MacBook Air because the graphics chip primarily produced graphics errors.

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Remix OS Player: The emulator for Windows

Remix OS player is its own version of Remix OS that works on Windows as a kind of virtual machine. The user interface is identical to the standalone version, so your finds a fairly well optimized for laptops and desktops UI. As Android version Android Marshmallow is used here.

remix os player homescreenRemix OS player with Start Menu / © Screenshot: AndroidPIT

Apps you install from the Google Play Store, also purchased apps are available here. The biggest difficulty in Remix players that it was not possible to make the system completely with the German keyboard of the notebook familiar. Even as everywhere "German" and QWERTY was set, special characters were put to the US keyboard layout. Passwords can only enter useful if you can always show the virtual keyboard. For passwords that may be feasible longer texts are to be written so impractical.

In the test, the performance of the player is convincing: At idle the remix player hardly consumes resources and apps like games run in proper speed.

  • Remix OS Player: More info and Download

The remix OS player also has a full-fledged branch, which is simply called Remix OS. This is a fully satisfying bootable operating system that brings Android to the PC.

Remix OS for PC

In Remix OS for PC is not an emulator Android apps on Windows starts, but an alternative operating system. The development team is working on Jide Remix OS for the PC. It is now quite mature and can be installed on a notebook in addition to Windows.

The installation is done by downloading Remix OS with an installer in the Windows environment. A reboot later and Remix OS is ready. Our test notebook was unproblematic contact it to the WLAN. Although the setup wizard crashed on the first attempt at triggering the Google Play services, but this worked in the second attempt.

Remix sells itself with the remix mini PC product with its own platform.

remix os 03Remix OS for the PC is a stand-alone system. / © AndroidPIT

The special thing about Remix OS is its optimized for desktop systems interface that is somewhat reminiscent of Chrome OS. It allows you to use multiple Android apps like on a conventional desktop operating system in windows. This can increase your will and move. Unlike the Remix OS player it is possible to make the keyboard layout completely in German.

remix osThe surface of Remix OS is adapted to the desktop environment. / © Screenshot: AndroidPIT

Therefore a genuine desktop feeling in the use of Remix OS arises, the developers have incorporated a taskbar and typical desktop and system apps as a file manager. New or old apps can be downloaded from the integrated Google Play Store.

The performance of Remix OS left nothing to be desired in our test left. Remix OS is based on Android marshmallow. Apps leads Remix OS without emulation, resulting in noticeable performance advantages over the emulator solutions. Even games ran smoothly on the notebook with independent Nvidia graphics card.

  • Click here to download Remix OS

Android on PC: Conclusion

was able to convince so right in the test none of the featured emulator solutions. BlueStacks delivered a decent idea, but bailed on the Mac. In addition, a very old Android version is used.

The remix OS players showed some quirks. Above all, do not fully recoverable keyboard layout makes it easier for German users difficult to use the system for more than experiments - Office apps are so not fun. For this, the user interface of OS Remix is ​​well adapted to the conditions of the desktop. AMIDuOS also suffers from the keyboard problem, but otherwise leaves a robust impression.

Remix OS is again not an emulator but a complete implementation of Android as a desktop operating system. The system is quick and appeared high as the best option to run Android apps on a PC - with the hook that it has to be specially booted.

Ultimately, however, the question remains, what requirements you have to an Android app on the PC. Many services are possible even without the emulator detour on the PC - WhatsApp has a PC software and many apps have Web services. The emulators are hardly suitable for gaming. Remix OS again scores with good performance, but is likely to be more of a way to help decrepit PCs and notebooks to a new life.

Do you have a desktop Android in use? For what purposes do you use it? Write your requests in the comments!