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"The local!! Without Ö You're missing something ..."

Well, I had not previously noticed on my Android phone. But when yesterday's press release is purely snowed on us that the Local has now finally developed its own Android app, I was about to leave the question to the bottom of what everything that has escaped us so.

For all of us who not to generation "phone book" were, here's a brief explanation: the Local was a kind of offshoot of the large phone book, which listed especially companies based in the region, but also individuals with phone number and address or are. Yes, we were then just pretty offline! For the Local was a printed booklet with paper and pages and so on. What is a book that I do not explain at this point though. The need you already own Googling!

Back to Local: The Local is now bringing its data in the form of an app on our Android devices. Are we missing something without the east, if so what and say we soon "Öndroid"?

We sort it out in our review ...

To the section:

  • features & Use
  • screen & service
  • speed & stability
  • Price-performance
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features & Use

I have to take it away: The Local reminds me very much of the app "The phone book", yes also "in real life" something like sisters, although the editors are different.

The principle of the app is easy to explain! The program determines your location via GPS. A selection you can let you show then various venues in your area:

  • ATMs
  • hotels & Accommodations
  • emergency pharmacies
  • restaurants
  • Sports & leisure
  • supermarkets
  • bars & pubs
  • Other topics (among others: All for pet / car breaks / Flowers / fast food / culture / nightlife / etc.)

one then the locations displayed immediately on a map. If you click on this, you get - as usual - more information and services, such as to transfer the address, telephone number, the ability to address equal to the directory or to plan the route to get there. In addition, you can set individual locations on the watch list.

There is also a so-called reverse search. Say, one enters a phone number and then takes over the owner of the number. But this is only possible with commercial telephone numbers.

Which is quite well done are the map views. There is an oblique view, similar to the bird's eye view in the Microsoft cards.

Had I tested the app without the "phone book"App to know - I would have to certify her to be completely well done! So although it has become an app without ups and downs and without special additional benefit for me. The Phonebook application has all that - and even more, as it provides the numbers of households. The publishers behind "The local" are quite simply a few months too late, or missed real innovations in the app installed, so that it provides the users with new benefits.

screen & service

When controlling it behaves as if the functions have all been there! The advantage is that you find yourself so relatively quickly cope, although for my taste are too many controls on the menu button.

The Kate material of the app seems to be very good. The Tilt convinced me. However, the screen is not optimally allocated. The card that displays one, is much too small. One can enlarge them though. But the question is, why did they then executed makes the small section at all.

The graphics are not nearly as fancy as in the phone book app. Everything looks less thought out and designed with less love. That the menu button is used as inflationary, also helps not just the star collecting.

What is good gelung the developers, the opportunity is to build its personalized selection of venues together. To this can be in edit mode via drag & Drop compile its own app home screen.

It's a really nice, good app. but nothing more! It lacks the highlights and the unique selling points. There is - in my view - to replace the excellent phonebook app through this no reason. And to have both also does not make sense!

May drop the developers still something innovative one, the app helps to make the own slogan true: without "Ö" are you okay!

speed & stability

The app such as running fast. But there was always "Forced Closes", The card has also needed to load long time.


The app can be downloaded for free from the Market.


The Local - missing you withoutThe Local - missing you withoutThe Local - missing you withoutThe Local - missing you withoutThe Local - missing you withoutThe Local - missing you withoutThe Local Phone BookInstall on Google Play