Three important tips when the smartphone is not charging

Some smartphones load very slowly or not at all on. If this behavior has suddenly worsened on your smartphone, could there be a number of causes, and some can be solved.

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  • Used the original accessories
  • Used high quality accessories
  • Your smartphone depends not for hours at a computer

Only original accessories

Of course, the smartphone only loads quickly if you use the original charging accessories. Using a no-name power supply or a random USB cable, smartphone invites slower.

AndroidPIT samsung almost charger note 5Only original chargers deliver the full pace. / © AndroidPIT

Alternatives are licensed accessories. There is a vendor-independent standard for fast charging. This is called Quick Charge and comes from the processor manufacturer Qualcomm. Whether Version 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 is first of all matter. Checks if your phone uses the technology. Then you can buy cheap compatible accessories, among others, at anchor or other providers.

anchor SchnelladegeraetAnchor chargers charge quickly and gently. / © Anker

If the third party, then tested

More and more third-party chargers do not only offer Qualcomm's quick charge technology but also own intelligent technologies. With them, you can quickly load your smartphone without damaging heat. The Chargers, we tested and can recommend, we collect the following:

  • Best Smartphone Chargers

not charging at the computer

The output current of the USB port on the computer is never as high as that of a power supply. so do not expect that your smartphone is charged just as quickly on a PC or Macbook as a power supply. Moreover, it is not uncommon for there to unnecessary heat, which may additional damage the battery.

android smartphone usb pc 2charging mobile phone on the notebook is only a temporary solution. / © AndroidPIT

With USB Type C new standards are established that make this charging behavior less harmful. Until then, we should refrain because neither the long loading time nor the heat development suggest that mobile phone store on the laptop is a good idea.