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edjing is a professional-looking DJ app for smartphones and tablets, which knows how to impress with many different functions and a successful implementation. The AppAwards 2013 edjing was awarded as the best app of the year, making the app for a test more interesting. What distinguishes edjing and thus can convince the app, you can learn in the test!

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  • features & Use
  • screen & service
  • speed & stability
  • Price-performance
  • final verdict
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  • &# X2713; good and successful functions
  • &# X2713; Easy to use
  • &# X2713; customization options


  • &# X2715; right high price for in-app purchases
Tested withAndroid versionrootmodstested versionCurrent version
Samsung Galaxy Note depending on the device
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features & Use

Right after the first start of edjing leads to the main surface, the turntables. First, however, the basic features and functions are not explained so that you can start immediately afterwards in a small launch.

edjing1The turntables - all functions are easily accessible / © DJiT / AndroidPIT

As befits a decent DJ app edjing consists of two turntables. Each turntable has the same functions can be so worked in parallel with two different songs. First of all, of course, songs to be added. Unfortunately, as with many other apps can not be accessed on their Google Play Music. Thus, the desired music may have to be pulled to the device again in order to access them. The desired music can be added using the corresponding button on the turntables. Is a cover for the music exists, this is displayed on the virtual record. Another way is to stream music from Deezer or SoundCloud. For this, the app must first be connected to one of the service by logging on using an account. can now be searched via the app for music.

At the top of the screen, the track view is. There, the name of the currently selected song will be the one displayed on the other, the traces of the two songs. About underscores the bars of the songs will be marked so that you can look directly at a glance whether the songs fit together. Via the two colored stripes, the current position is marked in the song beyond. If you move your finger across the tracks, also can be jumped back and forth.

edjing2Are Automix and Record enabled, the lamps / © DJiT / AndroidPIT

the balance between the song can be adjusted using the volume control on the bottom of the screen. If you push the knob fully clockwise, only the music the right record is audible. In addition, the volume of each turntables can be set separately. Simply press the speaker button and adjust the volume via the controller.

Which of course by no means a must, are effects. First of all, can be scratched course if simply wiped over the records. By running a disk, but the other intended for scratching disk is not, can easily and conveniently corresponding effects are added without interrupting what's playing.

Other effects can be called up via the FX button. There you will find an equalizer, a loop function and a flanger among others. the lows, mids and highs, and the gain can be adjusted through the equalizer. The loop function allows you to set a marker to which can jump back at any time. The flanger consists of a pad, via which you can swipe to control the effect. Other effects are unfortunately only available for a payment, further details on that later. The effect configuration can be locked so that it will not be changed by mistake.

the speed of the song can be changed via the Pitch button. When you move the record, the current speed is displayed in the center. The playback speed of the selected songs can also be adjusted using the sync function together.

Other functions include Automix and the record function. If the Automix active, new songs are automatically selected and added. Minor adjustments regarding the transitions can be made in advance and the source of the songs are set. Automix is ​​particularly suitable for smaller parties, as this does not have to constantly choose someone new songs. About the record function the own mixes can be conveniently added.

In the shop the app new effects and skins can be purchased. The appinterne currency are vinyl, which can be, for example, acquired by own mixes be shared on social networks.

screen & service

edjing is very clear and made more user-friendly. All functions are easily accessible and the operation can be learned very quickly. Thanks to the small tutorials after the first start the app entry is very easy. New skins can be purchased in the shop to customize the look of the app to your own wishes.

edjing3New skins and effects can be purchased in the shop / © DJiT / AndroidPIT

speed & stability

edjing ran throughout the test period without any problems and without a trailer or crashes.


edjing is initially available for free from the App Center. Through in-app purchases more effects, and skins can be purchased. Moreover, there is a premium version, which costs € 8.99 and natively brings quite a number of other effects.

final verdict

edjing is a very potent DJ program, which provides a lot of good and successful functions. In the free version, unfortunately many of these features are not available and have to be purchased still sometimes very high prices. The app can be quickly and easily create mixes good and the service is so benutzerfreundlih that even beginners can easily cope. In the overall edjing receives four stars.

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