So you solve the error “surface paused”

Some owners of older Samsung smartphones come for an update of the Google app on the crippling error " was stopped", The app crash sends them back to the lock screen. This error can be resolved to happiness.

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Samsung users of smartphones with the old version of Android 4.4 KitKat launched after updating the Google app more on one annoying error. The service, responsible among other things for the home screen, crashes when you press the Home button repeatedly. The Google Search can not be operated.

Roman dissolves in the AndroidPIT Forum:

"Dear people, Google's latest update caused the problem. Play Store -> Google typing in the search -> Uninstall. Is the latest update gone, the home button should work again and as usual display the recent apps on prolonged pressures. I wish you success!"

So the app will reset to its factory settings and try to do the update again in a few days. Alternatively, you can download the app in its beta version and use it. The latter does yours by your scrolls on the Play store page for the app down and one projects you for the beta program.

ui system crash uninstall google app deOut with the updates or purely with the beta. / © AndroidPIT

Uninstalling the update arrives at your vorhergen version of the Google app that runs without crashes. Resetting the complete smartphone to factory settings is thus certainly not necessary to avoid the crashes of

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