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I also would like to introduce you to my app. In recent months, I have a lot of time put into the app. Unfortunately I can not test on too many devices the app. Therefore, I would appreciate any feedback :)

The app is available on the Google Play Goals "VokabelBox" to find.

The VokabelBox is a vocabulary trainer in modern design. You can choose from two different learning modes available, which allow you to learn vocabulary effectively and quickly. The word is spoken after each query, so that the debate is trained. Alternately you have time to choose the right first letter, select the correct translation of a series of words or bring the letters in the right order.
There is also a card file system with six speakers. Here you have to translate correctly so that it moves to the next box the vocabulary. In case of wrong answers, the word goes back to the first box. The intervals in which to query the vocabulary increases with the stall number. If the vocabulary queried in the first box yet daily, the vocabulary in the last box will only be repeated every six months.
You can enter directly in the app new vocabulary. Here you can translate it automatically. Have you already created larger vocabulary lists, then you can also import an Excel file vocabulary.
Can you think you have suggestions or errors?

Have fun and thanks


Here are some screenshots:


Hello Marcel,

I'm so free and fill with a link to your app, so that they can be more easily found

Super thank you! (cool)

I have the app now perhaps only installed five minutes, but I'm thrilled. Such an app I have been looking for some time. The design is also good!
Thank you :)

Thank you that makes me happy :). I was also long become really find it in search of a suitable vocabulary trainer, but I'm not. Then I even dared to app development.
If you want to learn English vocabulary, then you can you download the language files with high quality in the Android settings. That's a bit over 200mb but the output language is much better. (On Android 4.4: Settings-> language effectively & Input -> Text-to-speech output> Icon Under Preferred Module -> Install voice data)

This idea I had already but still lack ProgrammieKenntnisse prevented me in the implementation.
My English teacher always created their vocabulary lists in Excel and printed us. This fits perfectly so then :)

For several minutes the first slightly larger update in the Google Play Store is available. Now irregular verbs can be learned with the VokabelBox. These can be entered directly or via the app to import an Excel file.
In addition, the vocabulary can now be learned in both directions.

Try it like. Feedback and particularly error messages, I would be very happy! :)

beautiful App
It would be good if you could suppress the Wortvotschläge the keyboard.

Hello Julius,

Thank you :) Actually, I have the word suggestions (you know you made with the app programming?) With a EditText with the text input "textNoSuggestions" suppressed. Everywhere except when entering the German word when adding.
For me it works well so far. However, I use the Android keyboard. What keyboard do you use? Suppresses the keyboard with other inputs, the word suggestions, or they are simply always displayed ?.

Has anyone a hint what's wrong?

I just uploaded an update that should prevent the suppression of suggested words on all keyboards (android: input type ="textNoSuggestions | text visible password"). In addition, a few bugs have been fixed. It may take a few hours to publish the new version of the Google Play Store.

Thanks for the note, Julius (cool)

Today I found a slightly larger update online. It can now be added to the individual words synonyms. The individual words of a foreign language must be separated by a vertical line as "Hello | Hi",
Since I have changed quite a bit in the code, I would be happy about error messages if you notice any. Do you have any ideas for improvement?

Many Thanks


An overview of the other new features:

In the exercise vocabulary test can now be learned without typing.

The exercise Karteikasten the answers can now be retroactively counted as correct.

Vocabulary can now be read in the vocabulary list.

The duration of the vocabulary can be adjusted in the settings.

In the vocabulary list all the words now can be added at once to the card box.

Notes are now displayed more beautiful.

A question about the app.

... tlwse even answered ...

or you can find ready vocabulary files? which can be downloaded from the Internet.?
Hmmm. was more than a question ...

Greeting Richard

Hello Richard,

you will make new lists comfortably on the PC with a spreadsheet program to create. Which does not matter as long as you can save the file as an .xls file. You have to first download the sample file (click on the info button next vocabulary list export), and then fill in the table.
The vocabularyBox.db file you should not edit or change the name. With which you can back up or transfer to a second device, only your current progress and all vocabulary.
Own Vokabllisten I do not offer.

Best regards


Thanks for the fast information,

is a super app you've programmed. I'm going to have really glad they found.

That with export and editing works great ...



Many Thanks :)! That pleases me

First of all, the app works great on my BlackBerry Z30 and I have no problems. For this reason, I have the app on the Galaxy Fame my son installed un has now the problem is that he does not see on the small screen what he wrote, because the keyboard covers the input line.
Changing the font size helps even further (not in the app still in the settings of the device). What can you do?
I have another question to the speakers. We have created two boxes. English vocabulary and grammar German. In the filing box exercise both boxes are then queried but mixed. How can you separate it?

Hello Richard,

given the large number of Android devices, it is very difficult to represent everything right. Especially in such small devices like the Galaxy Fame. You can send me to [email protected] like a few screenshots. Maybe I can still optimize the layout a little bit.
The index card box to help you to learn your vocabulary permanently. Therefore, all words are summarized here. If you want to practice only a certain box, then you can let the query words in the vocabulary test. This is the same structure as the card file, except that you can repeat certain boxes at any time here.

Best regards


Hi Marcel,

super app that you have developed there. I have previously learned vokker.net my vocabulary and was for some time looking for an app that is similar simplistic and offers comparable learning opportunities. Your coming to the whole been very, very close :).

A few things that I'm missing or the current one might be improved:
1. In the vocabulary query I lack the ability to randomize the direction (German-language / foreign language-German). first learning in one direction and to change after that I personally find a bit awkward and it is me boring if everything is scanned in the same direction.
2. Toll I find that you can specify synonyms in the foreign language. The German terms that does not work but unfortunately, there are | sign not interpreted accordingly. But I would like to specify synonyms here.
3. When querying it would be nice if the app each of synonyms would equally accept as a solution rather than randomly select one.
4. I think it's great that one part of the answer "leave aside" can so that they do not have to be entered in the query. Which I use as comments on the debate or different word endings to indicate at a vocabulary. Something was missing so far with many other vocabulary programs. Unfortunately, however, currently always recognized only the first clip or just a clip at the beginning or end of a term properly. For example I have an entry "gå [-r, gick, gått] in på banks" (On the bank go) in my Swedish vocabulary. In the brackets are different tenses of the verb gå (go) .The clip is unfortunately always queried what actually was not the intention. Just as I feel when I'm working with synonyms and it appears more than one clip.

If something would do here, I would be absolutely thrilled. But even so, you've got already a really cool app built that already much can do what I would like from a vocabulary trainer. thanks for that :)

Hi Kat,

Thank you for your praise! That pleases me :)

I will answer your score times in order:

  1. The point I take out my list of improvements. However, I can not promise that I will implement it. The idea, however, I find very good. Unfortunately, this is quite complex and in the next Montaten I will probably not come to.

  2. Unfortunately, this is necessary in order to filter out possible synonyms when adding. I'm glad it works now correctly. To program the whole thing was a real nightmare for me. A trained computer scientists would have programmed certainly clear to some and tidy ;)

  3. When filing box you can enter one of the possible solutions. Actually, each answer should be accepted here. The exercise I have to first select a Possible answer, I have to select the required letter here.

  4. Here, too, meets a little bit of point 2 to ;). In addition, the space on most devices is unfortunately very limited. Therefore, I have only one comment per vocabulary and language admitted. The Kommetar must be at the beginning or end of the word.

Best regards


The Ideeund the Umsetzng is actually very good. But I personally do prefer on the sheet(Laughing)