The best photo editing apps for Android

In times of Instagram selfies and many users want to make their images more beautiful. All they need is a suitable image editing app for Android. What are the best, you can learn from us.

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  • Image editing apps: The best all-rounder
  • Photo editing Apps: The Best Cloud-connection
  • Image processing for Selfie fans
  • Image processing: Special Apps

Image editing apps: The best all-rounder


From the makers of Pixlr-O-Matic also Pixlr is coming, and the name says it all: this application for editing photos is made for appealing render images in a short time and then to share on request in the social networks. So you have to absolutely be a professional in order to achieve great results quickly with the image editing app. There are many effects, cosmetic editing (red-eye removal, brightening and smoothing) is also possible, and for social connection is also provided. For frequently used settings to buttons for quick availability can create. A separate Collage mode helps you with this, merge multiple images into one. For 2.21 euros you can turn the app ad-free - you like Pixlr, this is in-app purchase actually a no-brainer.

AndroidPIT photo editing pixlrPixlr / © screenshots: AndroidPITAutodesk PixlrInstall on Google Play


Google's own image editing app called Snapseed and has it all: it is free and offers all kinds of filters and optimization options. Whether crop, apply filters or correct colors: With Snapseed you have a powerful image editing in hand. You can customize the color scheme or, for example, set a focus effect, but does not reach the natural bokeh a DSLR, but images can enhance strong.

Snapseed saves images in a separate folder so that the original is not touched. Apps like Dropbox or Google Photos you can then synchronize the Snapseed results additionally.

AndroidPIT photo editing SnapseedSnapseed / © screenshots: AndroidPITSnapseedInstall on Google Play

Adobe: Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Express

Photoshop is synonymous with image editing for many people. After the first touchscreen version of Photoshop from the Play Store was removed, Adobe has started to launch its own app-offensive. For image processing, there are two apps that provide good results: Photoshop Express and Photoshop Fix. Photoshop Fix specializes in working with photos and you can here all the essential features of Photoshop use to get the most from your photos: Fits proportions with the Liquify tool on, artifacts retouched out or fit the details with controls for dynamics and clarity at. Photoshop Express, however, has more features and can also handle RAW formats rather come from the DSLR camera range.

Another interesting app is now one of Adobe and called Aviary. Aviary provides you with a variety of effects and helps you in the process of generating a meme quickly from a picture of you.

AndroidPIT photo editing photoshop expressPhotoshop Express / © screenshots: AndroidPITAndroidPIT photo editing photoshop fixPhotoshop Fix / © screenshots: AndroidPITAdobe Photoshop ExpressInstall on Google PlayAdobe Photoshop FixInstall on Google PlayPhoto Editor by AviaryInstall on Google Play


SKWRT focuses on correcting the perspective of a photograph. You invite for a photo, and then can it in perspective at will correct. The options available for it are numerous and can easily correct you simply converging lines. Although SKWRT can not work miracles, your photos look after processing but much straight out. SKWRT costs 1.29 euros, making for the price but good service.

AndroidPIT photo editing skwrtSKWRT / © screenshots: AndroidPITSKRWTInstall on Google Play


Vignette is not a pure image editing app, but a further hybrid and as a standalone camera application with digital zoom, time-lapse and self-timer available. The focus of the app on vintage effects and camera styles: So you can let his pictures look like they were for example with a Lomo, Diana, Holga, and Polaroid shot. Similarly, there are double exposure and a photo-automatic mode.

The image processing with vignette is limited to the camera effects, cropping and rotation is not possible. Vignette is chargeable, but currently only costs 1.29 euros instead of the actual price of 3.29 euros. Unlike some other applications, the full functionality is also no data connection is available (as it should be), the images remain on the phone - unless you share them somewhere.

meilleures applications edition photo android image vignette 00Vignette offers vintage Effects and camera styles. / © AndroidPITVignette · Photo effectsInstall on Google Play

Photo editing Apps: The Best Cloud-connection

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

More and more camera apps dominate the output of raw data. This means that sensor data of a snapshot are stored without finishing in the internal memory. This post is then performed in an app like Adobe Lightroom.

Lightroom is available for Android for quite some time, but it is only now unfolding its full strength. Finally you can use the photo app in full without an account in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Only the synchronization of your photos from the Adobe Services then requires an account and a valid subscription.

lightroom for android add picturesSets directories firm and do search Lightroom later even after new images. / © AndroidPIT

If your starts image editing app, you no images are displayed first. So the first step must be that your adds the previous gallery images to Lightroom. Then this can also be seen in the Lightroom collection.

lightroom for android effectsThe filters are well sorted. / © AndroidPIT

The options for manual or preset-based post-processing are numerous. It is worth noting, of course, support for raw images. Here are the formats DNG and RW2 are used. You can use all the processing steps that are also available on the desktop. Thanks to the built-in camera now you can integrate mobile photography in your Lightroom workflow. Images synchronizes the app then use the Adobe Cloud.

lightroom for android curve speed performanceLightroom for Android is not very fast, but very accurate. / © AndroidPITAdobe Photoshop LightroomInstall on Google Play

Google Photos

Google Photos is an all-in-one solution: You can use the app the images to the cloud secure space on your smartphone release and you can also edit the images, of course. For the latter, you are various filters available, which you can use for optimization. Contrast, saturation and other parameters can be adjusted so quickly. Disadvantage: Your stores the corrections directly to Google Photos, the original is overwritten, which is not always desired.

Total attractive because the sorting features of Google Photos. Geknipstes imagery the app by people, places and important features. Thus certain holiday pictures or selfie portraits can find faster, without having to scroll through the entire gallery. In addition to the unlimited photo storage comes in the Google cloud, which stands for photos with a resolution of up to 16 megapixels are available.

AndroidPIT bildbearbeitung google photosGoogle Photos / © screenshots: AndroidPITGoogle PhotosInstall on Google Play

Image processing for Selfie fans

Candy Camera

Candy Camera offers many filters and even stickers with which you can decorate your photos. The app is completely free and the advertising really keeps in bounds here. However, where there are no limits, possibilities, including blemishes you can eliminate or auspixeln areas in the picture are. In addition to standard filters selfie filters complement the already wide range of products. Cool are mainly the effects, so even photos look snapped in the office or on cloudy days as under the sun. Hundreds of stickers complete the picture and provide a bit more fun. You should try once the app anyway.

candy cameraCandy Camera: In addition to filtering your also uses stickers to decorate your photos. / © AndroidPITCandy Camera - Selfie CameraInstall on Google Play


Facetune is an image editing app with which you can make your selfies and other images more beautiful. Whether pimples, skin wrinkles or dark circles under the eyes: numerous editing options offered by the Facetune app. Even with not so perfect smile or discolored teeth can be retouched. Who wants to miss the motifs a new look, you can change the eye color also, again let hair on bald spots sprout on the head or even customize cheek and jawbone. Facetune addition provides numerous filter so that You may improve your photos with special effects.

facetuneFacetune removes any taint from his face. / © Light Ricks Ltd.FacetuneInstall on Google Play

Cymera - Camera & photo collages

Although, of course, make all pictures edit it, Cymera is specifically designed for portraits. Images can be recorded with the smartphone camera or select from the gallery. The image editing app offers seven different lenses - especially from the retro-sector - and four recording modes when taking pictures. More than twenty filters, decorative effects, Portrait capabilities and realistic makeup effects are available. Images can be shared directly from the application, among others through Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Cymera is free, but not free of advertising: On the bottom of the screen will appear now and then a small, manageable banner.

cymeraNot just the usual post-processing options, but also numerous fun effects are in Cymera to choose from. / © AndroidPITCymera -Photo and Beauty EditorInstall on Google Play

Image processing: Special Apps


Prisma there are no great options for manual photography, options for image correction or the like. The app has taken up the banner to take pictures to original artwork. There are numerous filters that can be applied to existing or recorded directly in the app images. Smart: slider means the intensity of the filter can be continuously adjusted from 0 to 100 percent, which greatly affects the look of an image. Prisma is available as a free app for all Android devices from version 4.1.

prismThe prism filter invite you to play with. / © AndroidPITprismInstall on Google Play

Photolab Pro

Photo Lab Pro has a rich feature set, scores in this overview but with its filters: Similar to the App prism can you create from your photos painting-like images. But Photolab Pro goes much further: It creates different installations, giving the images a whole new touch. The operation is quite simple, so your results you after a few steps. So instead of perfect detail and color you gain a whole new motif here. The free version works more slowly, builds a watermark and display advertising.

AndroidPIT photo editing photolabPhotolab Pro / © screenshots: AndroidPITPhoto Lab: Photo Editing ⭐Install on Google PlayPhoto Lab PRO photo editingInstall on Google Play

Tiny Planet and Small Planet

With an app you can turn into a so-called Tiny Planet image your panoramic pictures by the way. We recommend for two apps: the first is called Tiny Planet FX. Unfortunately, the application is not free, but offers many options to customize the effect accordingly. The second app is called Small Planet and is available for free in the Play Store. The apps require a little training period. Thereafter, the user can, however, take spectacular pictures.

Tiny Planet FX ProInstall on Google PlaySmall PlanetInstall on Google PlaytinyplanetThe Tiny Planet effect is extraordinary. / © AndroidPIT


Our table shows: If you are with a smartphone Photo not satisfied, so there are quite a few apps that can help you with this tease out fine details. You can retouch the photos - the various Adobe apps have here probably the best tools. Pixlr or Google Photos allow you quick montages and collages.

In the test of the various apps Adobe apps especially for detailed work on images appeared suitable, playful effects were well done closer to other apps. Photolab requires little prior knowledge and creates quick results, the Small Planet effect, however, gives every social post for astonished reactions.

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