Sync Google Calendar with Outlook

next to the Google Calendar you also uses Outlook and you want that your Google appointments are displayed there? We show you two ways to sync Google Calendar with Outlook.

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two methods

To sync your Google Calendar with Outlook, you have two options. The simple method is carried out in the Outlook app on the smartphone. In it you can easily be integrated into the app's Google account. Subsequently, all Google emails and calendar entries in Outlook are displayed.

The second method relates to the desktop browser version of Outlook. In it you can not synchronize with Outlook, but only look at what is sufficient in many cases the Google calendar.

synchronize Outlook app with Google Calendar: Method 1

In the Outlook app, the process is quite simple. You can sync the app with your full Google Account and thus get access to mail and appointments. We accompany you in all steps. The first leads you in the app's settings.

Microsoft OutlookInstall on Google Playoutlook app google calendar sync de 5Changes first in the calendar and then in the settings of the Outlook app. / © AndroidPIToutlook app google calendar sync de 2Adds there an add Google account. / © AndroidPIToutlook app google calendar sync de 3After that you will see in Outlook no appointments from Google Calendar. / © AndroidPIT

Unfortunately, your Google appointments are not automatically displayed in Outlook. For this you have to go one step further. Draws to the menu from the left edge induced or presses the menu button in the upper left. then selects the calendars to display.

outlook app google calendar sync de 4Only when you set the hook, the calendar. / © AndroidPIT

Now can you Google Dates View in Outlook and create. Pushes you on the floating action button with the plus sign at the bottom right, create your appointments. Selects your there one as calendars that calendar in the categories Outlook and Google and their respective e-mail addresses are divided.

Method 2: Synchronize with Google Calendar

Since the Google synchronization of Outlook app is not transmitted to the web service, you have the latter, unfortunately, considerably more complicated to synchronize with Google Calendar. The necessary steps we go through in the following with you.

Google Calendar: get home address

Before you can your calendar with Outlook subscribe, you must first copy the private address of the desired calendar. It works like this:

  • Report back to under with your access data.
  • Click the top right of the gear and then click Settings.
  • Selects the Calendar tab and click then on the calendar for which you want to get the home address.

In the Private address section you see a button labeled ICAL. Click on ICAL, and then right-click the URL that is displayed to you. Copies it to the clipboard, and closes the dialog box with OK.

AndroidPit outlook sync 3Google Calendar: Copy home address. / © Screenshot: AndroidPIT

Outlook: Google Calendar Sync and subscribe

Now your shared via private address calendar has yet to be subscribed with Outlook. For this you must do the following:

  • Report back to the Web interface of Outlook calendar with your login information.
  • Click Add in the top menu bar, click Calendar, then click from the Internet.
  • Calendar field URL you strike the private address from your clipboard.
  • Calendar field name you give an appropriate name, such as "Google Calendar".

The import process can take several minutes. Is he finished, you should again end up in the calendar overview, in which your Google calendar will now appear.

AndroidPit outlook sync 1Google Calendar in the web interface import / © Screenshot: AndroidPIT

Following you can even customize the color of the calendar and choose a Charm - this is an icon that is associated with the calendar. Click for these adjustments in the left menu with the right mouse button on the entry Google Calendar or the name that you have assigned before.

AndroidPit outlook sync 2Import Google Calendar / © Screenshot: AndroidPIT

Will you still subscribe later Calendar or synchronize, simply repeats the above steps.


This method works reliably, but also has a few limitations:

  • Your calendar is not updated in real time, but only at fixed intervals.
  • The subscription works only in one direction, that is, you can not schedule appointments for your Google account with Outlook.


Who is not satisfied with this solution can use a synchronization program that does the work for you. but few of these programs are free. Two popular applications that can synchronize your Google Calendar and Outlook are gSyncit or Sync2.