Huawei Ascend Mate – Huawei Mate 8 around bootloader, root and Rome.

Hello boys and girls, as the title suggests, I want this thread open where it comes to the new Mate 8, as it now is not so much in German in the net. Uses pray for experience when it comes to mate 8 bootloader, root, and other roms which is hard to find time to simply gather information ;) hope I break so that no Board rules.

Would also equal a question for experienced "flasher" it is possible that mate to root 8 without unlocked bootloader? Have read as a possibility at xda but Mate 8 will supposedly be a tough to be in terms of specific bootloader.

Thanks in advance for the answers ;)

So I have the Mate 8 now since two days ago, have now BL open TWRP and root it!

Even a slightly modified ROM aktu centermost!

Sure, I come from OPT and was spoiled as easy as everything went as it is Huawei a bit ... not serious but time Elaborate!