Samsung Galaxy Tab – Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy Tablet SM-T530


The tablet has a girlfriend total spun. Constantly error messages because "Surface stopped", Hardly clicked away already back. It was not even possible by operating programs or settings display.

Then tried hard reset. Power button + Volume "+" (I read somewhere)

Have appointed 20 attempts needed. and once it went well. All other attempts it just to get only new arte died without the Reset menu. Mostly it even rebooted after turning off by itself. So was no longer switched off.

After the reset, so were pretty much all the programs away. But many personal belongings were on are available. I had the effect even at 2 Android mobile phones that after the hard reset (factory settings) the whole or many private things such as Email account, including user data but are still there. A factory setting probably affects only settings, but does not delete any or all data? The part has even received emails shortly after the restart (factory reset). So has even registered to the WLAN. That not even the credentials were gone.

Well. After once successful reset then a program known message came to install in any attempt at the end of installation "504", No matter what program! No matter which of the three wireless access points in various locations. So in the Internet it was not definitely.

And suddenly WLAN left no longer turn on. The switch went on and after 1-3 seconds by itself again "0"

This is then given up and made valid at the merchants by email warranty and off.

Today, tomorrow and after hanging overnight charger, it comes suddenly as if nothing had happened. No error message and no "504" when installing. Yesterday at the problems it had always over 60%. Battery power.

Wanted the safe side again "Hardresetten", However, hard reset is now absolutely no more. No matter how I press the buttons, it will boot after switching off just normal without reset menu. but the volume up / down buttons are 100% ok.

Is there any explanation? And how the hard reset is now such that it is also? Since the part obviously has a shot, it should be when sending in absolutely empty of personal data.