You can let punching a nano-sim a micro sim

Since I will probably change tomorrow on one of the S6, I must necessarily stamzen the sim card.
Now I would be interested if there could be problems possibly.

If you are unlucky it is no longer recognized.
but usually you can order a matching from your wireless carrier for free.

How likely is that? ��

Has a M8 and iPad nano-SIM? Yes, right? I cut for both the SIM with nail scissors handle. Each has worked right away :)
Sure, you can also have bad luck .... but I would do it again.

but usually you can order a matching from your wireless carrier for free.

Not everyone has the free of charge.

Basically, you can not know it.
My sister has let the SIM card punch in the shop - The employee has a part punched away from the magnet.
You can try it - but if you have saved something on the SIM (contacts, etc ...) I would back up (to SD card or mobile phone).
Like the previous reviewers has already said, can you (if serving) can send a new SIM free from the manufacturer, otherwise but that's quite cheap if something costs.

Lg and good luck

I'm not quite sure if that has any effect, but the nano-SIM cards do not slightly thinner? Not that when inserted into the device the contacts are damaged by this.

If you do not have two left hands and does not damage the chip nothing happens. I have done it more often.

I'm just gerrant in an expert who made me free, everything works fine.

they are not! have both a micro-sim (as normal sim bought and then the micro-sim broken) and a nano-sim (which was punched in the business of micro-sim to nano-sim) and it fits perfectly with my equipment all

Constantin K

How likely is that? ��

at T mob without any problems

Okayyy Thanks for the quick answers ... soon the time comes can not wait ��

So I personally would only do if there is no piece is removed from the magnetic chip. Whether that happens depends on the card.
The card can then of course still work but the risk would be too high for me. Dear few days to a "right one" Nano Sim wait.

Especially since few days, do not outweigh damaging the slide also a risk. As noted, a nano-SIM is in fact a little thinner. What first appears easily, may later when a real nano-SIM be plugged lead to a post in the forum, the Voodoo tips result has.

Do you think that could really happen? : /

The question is do you want to risk it? anything can happen depends on several factors.

rather not risk ... but I could grind on the back a little plastic yes ... if there's nothing speaks against

Did you demand times with your provider when they can provide you a Nano?
For me it took only 2 days, after that I have liked to wait.

I am at Telekom have given me a new one. Spot in the shop. Just had to wait a few minutes until I had received.

Am with Congstar ... I know it Telekom shops sell also congstar products.
It's worth a try.