Samsung Knox: What is it and how does it work?

Samsung is currently trying increasingly to expand its customer base in the business sector into it. For this purpose, the Group has recently developed Knox, which enables employees to use their own smartphone for internal purposes without them or the company have to worry about vulnerabilities or malware. What exactly Knox and how it works, we have summarized in this article.

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SamsungKnox© Samsung

Knox - What exactly is it?

To make personal devices for business use, fit, Samsung has developed in 2013. Knox. Knox is indeed only available on Galaxy S5, S4 and S3 as well as the grade 2 and 3 so far, but should be compatible in the future with all Samsung devices. Knox (named after the Army base Fort Knox in the United States) is a data protection solution in-house, sensitive data protects against access from the outside.

samsung knoxFor companies data about contacts or appointments may be highly confidential. / © Samsung

If the program is installed on a Samsung device, you can access its own home screen icon on Knox. By the start of the program you finally get to the secured environment of Knox. This is completely separate from the actual operating system of the smartphone. It is almost as if possessed you two smartphones in one, but they are completely different in terms of operating system, interface, home screen and launcher. Although Knox protect secret data from external attacks, but can not access the private area of ​​the phone in step backwards. let alone read or use data from this system.

What can Knox?

Knox is an operating system-matryoshka, can be stored externally and stored in the internal company data without access. Also, you can crop the Knox operating system on their own Bedüfnisse through various tools and features. So you can, for example, can automatically turn off the camera when the user enters the premises of the company. Likewise Knox protects the Firnmennetzwerk against attacks from the outside, as well as viruses and malware. These Knox has several tools:

  • On Device Encryption: encrypted verden stored on the smartphone data
  • TrustZone: Verified at the start of the appliance that no malware is present
  • Container Knox: Prevents data leaks via other apps
  • Knox Apps: From Knox proposed, backed up apps, widgets and launcher
  • VPN: secure via VPN data sent on the smartphone
  • Security Enhancements (SE): Ensures that no one can access to read and write your data has
Samsung knox germanySecurity solution Knox. / © Samsung

Samsung Knox is based on Security Enhanced Android (Android SE), which was originally developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) and will have a bitter taste for many German users wahrschscheinlich. However, that can not be accessed by the NSA via the back door to the data stored in Knox data was repeatedly assured.

Rooten - The crux with the Knox

When asked whether one can rooten a Knox-compatible Android device, you have to say yes and no. Technically it would be possible to root the private operating system. In the secured area of ​​Knox but which would not go; a possible root should be discussed with the administrator of the company, so as to avoid the exclusion of the device.


Samsung's efforts to make the relevant own devices by safety systems for the business world is, of course, a good approach and reached in terms of industrial espionage an important step. However, Knox appears to be administratively onerous by its rigid and inflexible appearing sub-operating system. it is a pity also that safety is curtailed because of the open nature of Android and Root is likely to enjoy with caution, because it restricts the user. It would be desirable that Samsung strikes a balance in this regard that although guaranteed security, freedoms of users in the same step but not circumcise.