The best pedometer apps for Android

Who every day make 10,000 steps supposedly will not only feel fitter, but also prevents diseases. counting his steps, but it is far too complicated, easier it goes with the matching pedometer app for Android. What are the best applications and what they can do, learn it here. update: Apps tested and old removed, added note for a better count.

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The best pedometer apps for Android: Just a rough value

The presented pedometer apps for Android are not only characterized by a good use of, but they are above all the previous steps. but can rely one hundred percent sure you do not. Even when we tried the four apps at once, not the same values ​​came out. On the contrary, the differences were significant. Even with mitgezählten 100 steps, the results were between 90 and 170. Similar to fitness bracelets, the pedometer apps only give an approximate value, since, for example, disruptions in the operation can affect the performance or the user be smart not always entraining.

The recognition improved in our tests, when you put a little extra work in the app: Because you can adjust the sensitivity of the step counter. So before you get started with the new pedometer app that tests them once with 100 or 200 steps and adapts the sensor values ​​for your smartphone.

AndroidPit pedometer apps commonThe differences of the count are significantly / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

As a rule of thumb still applies: Quite perfect the apps are not, instead they give approximate values. So if a pedometer app displays many steps the user knows that he has moved much. If the result is rather low, it should be held on the couch to sit rather take a walk.

Extensive fitness functions do not offer these apps listed here. Who is interested in detailed statistics will find it in the table of fitness apps. These usually have also integrated a pedometer.

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The best pedometer apps for Android: Pacer

In the pedometer app Pacer: Pedometer & Decreasing coach of the name says it all. The app shows you how many steps you have already covered you and how your current running average is. Also, you can enter in the highly visual app how much your currently weigh and what goals you pursue. In addition, the app of you want to know the trend of recent weeks and months.

This wide range of configuration options is what distinguishes this pedometer app. Quick user has entered his data and can easily set new goals or connect with other app users. The app also offers training programs and advanced analysis, but which are chargeable. Here you pay 3.99 euros a year or just under 20 euros a month.

AndroidPit pedometer apps pacerThis pedometer app offers many training programs. / © screenshots: AndroidPITPedometer & decreasing trainerInstall on Google Play

The best pedometer apps for Android: Pedometer - Accupedo

The app does exactly what it promises: they conscientiously counts your steps. These sets can be gender, age, height and weight, and the app calculates the individual number of steps that should reach a day. In the statistics you can view the development of the completed steps in the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. All database files are also stored on the SD card or Google Drive. Who wants to count his steps to diet purposes, will be pleased that the app also calculates the energy consumed by the walking calories. You have, for example, to complete about 900 steps to have abtrainiert a cheeseburger. Accupedo annoying sometimes by quite a lot of full-screen advertising.

AndroidPit pedometer apps AccupedoThe app Accupedo can show the way past steps in graph. / © screenshots: AndroidPITPedometer - AccupedoInstall on Google Play

The best pedometer for Android: Pedometer

Also, this app is a reliable count your steps. Unlike other apps, the app sets no individual step target fixed but uses information on stride length, weight, height and age for acquiring consumed calories. To step count just tap the Start button and start counting. Practically in this app is also that all the statistics and information on the steps just a finger length away. About tabs to switch between the day, week and month views and by tapping the graph displays additional information. Also, you can customize the theme of the pedometer app.

AndroidPit Pedometer pedometer appsPedometer lets you choose your own theme the user. / © screenshots: AndroidPITPedometerInstall on Google Play

The best free pedometer for Android: Noom Walk Pedometer

Noom Walk Pedometer is a really battery-saving app as it takes to count the steps only the movement of smartphones and does not rely on GPS services. The interface is unadorned, reduced to the basic functions. So you can change the settings, its way past steps for a specific period (day, week, overall record) View and add a note. Also you can add his friends and watch the running efforts of users from around the world. Despite the minimal functionality Noom overwhelms the user with a whole lot of necessary permissions.

AndroidPit pedometer apps noomNoom Walk: Spartan design and focus on counting the steps. / © screenshots: AndroidPITNoom Walk PedometerInstall on Google Play